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I am 26 today. A fully satisfied woman. My nipples no longer throb with uncompleted satisfaction and my cunt no longer pulses with unmet needs. Instead my nipples look forward to being strummed by the tongue and fingers of my lovers and my cunt looks forward to being filled by my lovers hard and ever ready cock. I experience every day and many times a day the exquisite feeling of hot male cum dribbling out of my cunt and flowing slowly down my thighs while the hot saliva of my lovers dry on my nipples. I feel the touch of his hard hands on my shoulders and his hard thighs on my soft creamy thighs and sigh. I think this was how heaven was supposed to be. But it was not always like this. My life had always been another kind of heaven. A more restricted and in some ways a safer heaven. I was born in a middle class family in a big city. That comes with many advantages and some disadvantages. My parents were well read and employed. But they were very mild mannered like all middle class people. Very traditional as well and very conservative. They loved to show off what little that had by way of assets and they intensely distrusted people who were not like them. This meant to them, people who were wealthy were low on morals, people who were poor would do anything for money and people of their own class were always jealous of them. There was no pleasing them. There was one thing that did please them though. The one thing that gave them intense satisfaction. That was their son and my brother. He was 5 years older than me. Very intelligent and a high achiever. He was always top of the class, getting prizes in sports and generally the leader of men and the light of my parents eyes. He also occasionally gave lessons to some of the richer but less intelligent boys at school. They dreamed of him getting into IIT and then possibly going away to the US and then come back to help them get into the “Rich people” category. The same rich people who were low on morals. I on the other hand was ordinary in studies and pretty inept in helping out in household jobs. I was never a favourite. I liked to do one thing though- look at myself in the mirror. I was pretty- very, very pretty. Slim and fair, clean features and lovely face. I was always staring at the mirror and trying to play with my hair, try to steal my mother’s cheap lipstick to make my red lips even darker. Twirl my hair around my body and try to look even prettier. This was an advantage I had over my star brother who was very ordinary in looks. At least I thought it was an advantage- but I sadly knew little. I was very graceful and had a lovely voice. Naturally, a few teachers advised my parents about sending me to singing and dancing. But I did not get to go and I never came to why this was so. It was much later that I understood that my parents thought all singers and dancers would ultimately turn out as whores and sluts. They thought singing and dancing arouses sexuality and that was one thing they did not want in their daughter- the daughter who was already so pretty. Things came to a head one day, when I was alone in my room- which I shared with my mother (my brother had the other room in the 2 bedroom apartment, as was a student and dad slept in the living room on a pull-out sofa-bed. What they did not know was, I knew when my mum went out sneakily- for the hurried thrust and cum sex they had once in 2-3 weeks). Yes, I was alone in the room and I took off my churidar kurta to have a look at my budding breasts. I loved seeing the rosebuds – creamy white with a pale pink tips. I held them close in my palm and shivered. The strange electric current that travelled between my legs when I held my breasts was so exciting. As I looked at my pale pink nipples, I saw the lipstick tube and applied some lightly on my lips. The dark red lips and the pale pink nipples on my budding girlish body was so pleasing to the eye. As I dreamed, the door banged open. My mother came in and stared at me. The flames that grew in her eyes were scary. As I shivered, she came close to me- slapped me hard on the cheeks. She forcefully rubbed her hands on my mouth. The reddened cheek and the lipstick smeared mouth, sent her into a rage. She whispered “You slut !!”. She held me by my arm and started dragging me out. I grabbed at the dupatta and tried to wrap it around my upper body- to some extent. My mother dragged me in front of my dad who was sitting in front of the TV. What she hadn’t been prepared for is my brother with another boy- a rich (low on morals) boy as well, sitting in the room. She pushed me in front of my day and spoke in low tones of me as a strumpet who was going to corrupt everyone. What she said enraged dad too. But what I saw, what she saw, to her shock, was not just anger in my father’s eyes. But a kindling lust as he stared at my hastily wrapped nudity, my red face, my bare arms. She turned away in shock and confusion, to see the faces of my brother and his young (and very handsome friend). The same look of lust on all their faces. She caught hold of my arm and dragged me back into the room- she possibly imagined that I would drag the three men into an orgy then and there. She pushed me into the room and said “You little, cheap whore. Stay here, till I let you out”. I had dinner brought to me in the room and later in the evening, I heard whispering between the two – as my brother had gone away with his classmate. They were speaking of the little slut who would spoil the young man- the star. Therefore, I would need to be controlled. That was the last of any experience of sexual awakening in my young life for a long time, except for one brief, very brief interlude. I was otherwise, the perfect celibate, the perfect virgin till my marriage when I was 19 years old. But before I get into marriage, let me narrate the brief excitement that I had as a young girl, before I retreated into the mental and sexual cage. What I had experienced tll now as a safe haven, suddenly became my prison. Other than attending school, the only other place I had to go was the bedroom. This was the most intense studying period for my brother. His IIT JEE was only a few months away as was his 12th standard exams. I only had my 9th standard exams and then, I wasn’t a star student and then I was a girl. My mother in a relatively good mood would lecture to me “He is a boy. His intelligence is his salvation. You are a girl. Your virginity is your salvation. As a man, he needs to get a good job. As a girl, you need to get a good husband”. Funny thing is, I believed her. When my brother was not at home, she let me sit in the living room and watch television. We used to watch Doordarshan, unlike my friends who used to talk of things like cable TV. My mother also thought that watching movies was immoral. So I watched the news sometimes. She was also not letting me stay outside the room if my father was outside. It was like a true prison. I got to think and dream a lot. I dreamt that somebody would come riding on a silver horse and take me away from this prison. Six months is a long period in the life of a young girl. How long would my dreams be sustained on the expectation of the knight who would never come. I saw my mother almost every waking moment outside of school and even the mirror did not give any pleasure anymore. School was a tough one. My uniform was a dress that covered my entire body. My hair was oily and smelt of stale coconut oil. No wonder nobody really wanted to be friends with me. Six months plodded by and fame to an end. My brother got the much desired IIT seat. My mother was sure that my not being a source of distraction was one reason for his success. Anyway in the middle of his success, my very existence was forgotten. My potential to corrupt his young manhood too, was forgotten. There was now a problem. My brother had to be admitted to college, which meant having to be away from home. My parents had to accompany him on his journey of glory. But what to do about me! I could not be taken on a train journey where there were so many young men. On the other hand, I could not be left alone. A real dilemma. The situation reassured my mother that I was a true burden. At 18 my brother was off to conquer the world. Three years younger, I was simply a burdensome girl. That was the moment for Sudha auntie. My mother’s sister. Married to an artiste. A love marriage. She sang and danced too. My mother was ashamed to call her a sister. I rarely met her. But extraordinary times meant extraordinary decisions. Sudha lived in the same city, but at quite some distance from our house. Mother had a chat on the telephone with her sister. I was to spend the week with Sudha auntie, when my parents would go to drop off my brother. Mother took me there by a rickshaw. The house was much bigger than ours. All the way, mother chewed my brains. Told me to keep my shame, chastity and not become corrupt like her sister. At the house, she stayed for two minutes, stuffed my bag into my arms and said byte to her sister. Did not say bye to me at all. Sudha auntie, looked at me strangely. She did not seem a very nice person. At least she did not appear judgmental. She took me in and told me where my room was- I had my own room. This was the stage where a young girl would first he introduced to infatuation, lust and the pain of being separated from the object of a young girl’s desire. Sudha auntie, looked at me strangely. She did not seem a very nice person. At least she did not appear judgmental. She took me in and told me where my room was- I had my own room. This was the stage where a young girl would first he introduced to infatuation, lust and the pain of being separated from the object of a young girl’s desire. It was a four-bedroom flat. It was huge- by the standards of housing I had experienced till now. I was determined to make the best of my stay here- till I returned to my 2-bedroom prison, or actually my one-bedroom prison. The room that was to be mine was a tiny one at the end of a corridor. Although it was titchy in size, it was a very comfortable one. A nice double bed, pink wall paint and a window that looked out onto the park in the centre of the apartment block. It was a flat on the 15th floor- so the view was great and the air was clean- couple of things I had never really experienced in my short life. There was a 22-inch TV and cable connection. That was mean- now I would know how my heart would break when I had to leave. It was 2000 AD and I was going to have my fill of watching TV. I could watch things like Friends which my schoolmates kept yakking about. I could watch Hindi serials and I could possibly watch that new wonder that everyone was talking of Hrithik Roshan and his new movie. I had seen Hrithik on posters on walls and each time I saw him, I felt a thrill that passed through my nipples and seemed to end at the meeting of my thighs. I sat on the soft bed. The dressing table was right opposite and I saw a compact, some face creams, nail varnish and joy oh joy- a lipstick tube. I wondered if I could pinch all of this and take the stuff home with me. I could possibly use it with stealth. I saw a door next to the dressing table and opened it. I could not believe my eyes. It was an attached bathroom. I have never even in my wildest dreams thought such things could happen. I went and explored. It was a tiny room and so not much to explore. It had a shower head and a toilet. Nothing much- but far superior to the tap, bucket and mug bathroom at home. Also the door of the bathroom seemed to lock. Great. I came out and shed my heavy kurta with long sleeves, my heavy salwar pajamas. I then unhooked my grey cotton bra and took off my grey granny knickers. It had been ages since I had even been naked- my mother insisted that I wash myself with my bra and knickers on. I was scared that if I did otherwise, she might even come to supervise my bathing, taking away the little privacy I had. I rushed to the bathroom and stood under the shower- stood naked under the shower and turned it on. There was a blast of cold water that gushed forth. The icy blast hit my tender nipples and I experienced pebbling of nipples for an intense first time in my life. Water had almost never ever touched my nipples directly. As the icy blast hit my nipples I gasped. There was an electric thrill that seemed to start flowing in my young tender breasts. The pale pink nipples turned red and the electric thrill flowed downwards and pooled at my navel. A warm puddle gathered at my stomach, when suddenly the shower turned warm and then steaming hot. The blast of hot water hit my puckered nipples which now blossomed and turned a deep red. As the hot water flowed down from the summit of my budding breasts, the warmth in my stomach turned to fire. The water flowed down and touched the soft curly hair at the top of my cunt. For the first time in my life, I touched my count, without the fear of the door opening suddenly. The fire in my belly was flowing like a river of lava down towards my cont. I gently ran my finger along the entire length of my count slit. The softness of the slit was intoxication in itself. My finger felt like it was aflame. I rubbed the tip of my finger back upwards. As the slit ended, my finger encountered a hard bud at the top end of my cont. Touching it was like an electric shock. I wanted to continue to rub my cunt slit, but my finger also wanted to keep petting the hard bud. So my other hand slipped down. The thumb of my right hand massaged the cunt bud while the index finger of the left hand rubbed my cont. The fingers slipped in. The velvet like wetness that now surrounded the index and middle fingers of the left hand was dragging me on. My fingers slipped in and out, while the thumb of the other hand kept rubbing my count bud. A fire was growing inside me. The water was making the count bud wet and the count was getting wetter. My mouth was becoming dry, my breasts were heaving, my nipples were aching. My hands though were not willing to let go of my smooth and wet cont. My hands were on fire. My fingers were rubbing my count and going in and out. I wanted my fingers not to stop the rubbing, but at the same time I wanted something bigger and harder in place of my fingers, going in and out rubbing my cont. As I imagined something bigger and harder in the place of my fingers, I gasped. The dam broke. I was taken on the wings of fire and I exploded into a million birs as I came and came. The first orgasm of a teenage girl. I kept sobbing to myself. My eyes full of water, my mouth dry, my young body on fire and my count exploding into a million pieces. I did not want it to stop…… The shower of hot water on my tender nipples, the wave of heat that escaped my body and the trickle of fluid from my cunt all happened at the same time. My first orgasm- an experience that I would remember all my love fe, had happened in response to my discovering the l assure of my own body. I had not been fantasising about any handsome hunk, as my fingers had rubbed my cunt and massaged my clit. I had not been imagining myself in my hero’s arms as the wave had built. I had not imagined myself riding his hard cock, as I had climaxed. In fact I had yet to learn that these things happened. My first orgasm was in response to my own body realising my own lush and soft body and the treats of my warm tits and wet and tight cunt. As I climaxed, I collapsed and sat down in the shower booth. Tired and drained. Excited and happy as well. I knew I had experienced something great. I also had a feeling that this would lead to some more great experiences, but did not know what they were. I gained energy to get up after about ten minutes of sitting under the shower, which trickled and stopped. I pulled a towel from the shelf. It was soft and fluffy. Not at all like the harsh rags we had at home. While I was tired and my body was drained of all energy, my adolescent body was full of fire. The fire that had been lit, would not go out under a shower. I staggered out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. The soft and fluffy towel that was wrapped loosely around my body fell apart, partially. The upper part covering my breasts fell open while the lower end covering my cunt stayed closed. A cold breeze wafted over my nipples, from the ac. I shivered and involuntarily raised my hands to cover my breasts. As my fingers touched my nipples, I started feeling hot and bothered again. The fluffy towel was gently tickling my cunt, making me feel hotter and wetter. I pulled at my nipples. They grew harder and longer. I used my right hand fingers to tug at my right nipple and with my left hand, I squeezed my left breast. First a gentle squeeze and later harder and then harder. I bent my neck and gently raised up my breasts and looked at the nipples. The nipples, which were usually pink and soft, we're now hard, long and deep brown. I put my tongue out and tried to lick my nipples. One swipe of my tongue and they were on fire. But I knew this was not enough. I somehow knew that the nipples were made for a man’s lips to kiss and to be bitten by a man’s teeth. I fell back on the bed. Something hard struck my back. I looked and saw a television remote. It was like seeing gold dust. I had never ever touched a tv remote. Even watching doordarshan at home, the remote was never in my hands. I switched it on and the channel on was one of movie songs. By some miracle, the song on was from the super hit of last year “Kaho na pyaar hain”. I drew closer to the screen and watched the most handsome man in the world, Hrithik, dance away. As I watched, the slow fire in my belly started once again. My cunt started itching and a slow wet feeling grew in my cunt. My fingers trailed to my cunt once again and the towel fell apart. I sat naked on the bed and watched the hunk on screen. My right hand travelled to my clit and squeezed it. The pressure on my clit and the pleasure for my eyes were such a strange combination. As the hunk danced in his sleeveless vest, I imagined his arms around me, covering my cold body with his hot muscled body. As my left hand squeezed my breasts, I imagined his hands on my breasts. As the wafts of breeze tickled my nipples, I imagined that it was the curly hairs on his chest that was ticking my nipples. I tried my best to lick my nipples and tugged at them with my left hand. At that moment, the hunk on the screen thrust his crotch out in a dance move. I knew then that the pelvic thrust could bring great pleasure and my fingers dug in deeper into my cunt. As I watched the hunk, my cunt was becoming like a volcano. About to erupt. There was no gentleness in the way my fingers were digging into my cunt. As the hunk danced, I wanted his body to dance on my body, taking me to heaven. As my fingers dug deeper, I knew that my slender fingers were not enough. My cunt needed something bigger, more substantial and harder to invade my cunt. I did not want gentle tuggings, I wanted a harder motion. I wanted something hard and big to pound my cunt. I felt something smooth and hard. The tv remote. I took it close to my cunt lips and gently pressed one tip to my cunt. It was clearly too big for my tiny cunt. But I was gone too far. I pressed one tip a little deeper. The sense of having something hard, smooth and big at the entrance of my cunt and even entering in a little deeper was the greatest sensation of my life. My thumb pressed against my clit and the to remote was a little bit inside my cunt. My other hand tugged my nipples and my eyes watched a nearly shirtless Hrithik. The wave swept up and threw me over to the other side. I exploded as my cunt melted into hot lava and I had to bite my tongue to stop screaming. My cunt dripped and dripped around the remote and I sobbed out the name of Hrithik as I experienced my second orgasm of my life. The first one had taught me that pleasure to myself was the key to enjoyment. The second one showed me that a handsome man could also give me the same pleasure and release. I fell back weak and satisfied, on the bed. Drained of all energy and on the journey of understanding what my female body wanted and deserved. When I came back to awareness, I felt completely exhausted, yet still fully alive and wanting more. My thighs felt sticky and my breasts felt lighter. I sat up groggily and saw myself in the mirror. My nipples had gone back to being soft and pink. My hands were still shaking with excitement but my mind was at peace. In the deepest part of mind though, I knew that I wanted more and I knew I would get more. I got up and looked at my clothes. I pulled on the clean kurta that my mother had packed. It was two sizes bigger than what I needed and came down to my knees in a splash of coarse cotton. I decided to do two things. Go without the big white bra that I wore all the time and not to wear the leggings of my salwar. I left my hair loose- all wet and tangled. In my mind I thought I looked like a seductress. In reality, thinking back, I must have looked like a wild girl with oily hair and a partially cleaned body. I stepped out. It was a slightly funny house. My room was the end of a corridor. It looked slightly funnel shaped, with the corridor becoming wider opposite the door of my room and really narrow, at the other end. Just beyond the narrow end was another door leading to another room and just off the corridor was the living room. I gently walked towards the living room. Just as I passed the other door, the door opened suddenly and standing before me, blocking my way, was a big hunk. The kind that drops down from dreamland to fuck women. The light from the room streamed onto the corridor and he stood there. Towering over me, his shoulders taking up the entire corridor. His hard chest was naked and he wore jogging pants that were dangerously slung low. As my eyes wandered over that broad expanse of ripped muscles, with disappointment that the low slung jogging pants covered what I was really curious about, I could feel his cool and curious gaze travel over me. I looked into his face. The handsome hunk had a dimpled smile and chuckled at me. He came close to me and I saw that his chest was wet. Wet and sweaty. As if he had done something strenuous and hard. That is when it hit me. The raw smell of his maleness mixed with something more alluring. It was the smell of sex. The smell of animal sex. The smell of sex that had happened as hard and raw pounding of cunt by cock. The smell came off his body as the sweat dripped off him. He was pure male heaven….sex on legs….made for womankind. He came close to me and stood in front of me. His naked chest was at the level of my eyes. As he stood a few inches away from me…..the intoxicating smell of sex rising from him. There were fine hairs around his nipples, which were small and pointy. His chest was smooth and looked so hard that I looked down at the jogging pants were slung low and I saw a bulge that seemed to grow. My nipples which had gone soft, now became hard and aching. He put his hands on my shoulder and I jerked forward. My belly pressed against his crotch and the bulge pressed against mine. My cunt exploded once again. My head pressed against his sweaty shoulder and he bent his head. His burning lips pressed against my neck and I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be fucked by this desirable male. I did not know who he was. I thought he was Sudha auntie’s husband, but he seemed so much younger than her. He did not seem more than 25 years old. I knew for a fact that she was 2 years younger than my mother and about 40 years old. I also knew that she had married an older man and suddenly my parents had broken off all relations with her a couple of years ago. So who was this young man walking about in my auntie’s house, half naked and smelling of hard and raw sex! He suddenly pulled away from me and gently pushed open the door fully. He pushed my face in the direction of the room and silently stalked away. If my cunt was creaming by this time, what I saw in the room make my pussy drool juices. I first saw my auntie sleeping in the room on the double bed. The placing of the bed made it hard to see her fully. All I could see was her naked upper body. Her beautiful breasts were standing out proudly and her deep red nipples were like red roses. I could see white stains on her breasts and down on her flat tummy. She was lying on her side facing the door with her eyes closed. I thought she was sleeping. Then suddenly a hairy arm emerged from behind her and pressed one of her breasts. She smiled and with her eyes closed turned to lie on her back. The hairy arm squeezed her breasts and a male face emerged to kiss the side of her neck and my gaze went down her body to see another hairy arm on her belly and a hand at her cunt. The male by her side moved to cover her body with his. I looked at his face again. I was confused. He looked just like the hunk who had just walked out, only much much younger. Closer to 18 years. Also if the man had just had sex and had walked out, why was there another man in the room. What was my auntie up to. She had started to moan and I couldn't bear to be there. I rushed out to the living room. What I saw there made me stop. I did not know where to go. Back to watch the ducking that was about to commence or stay here in the living room. The hunk was sitting with a bowl of porridge in one hand. His right hand was stroking his cock, which was out of his jogging pants. It seemed semi hard and still looked so big. I did not know what to do. The hunk pushed the cock inside his pants. Smiled at me and patted the space next to him on the sofa, inviting me to sit next to him. The hunk pushed the cock inside his pants. Smiled at me and patted the space next to him on the sofa, inviting me to sit next to him. I walked slowly towards the sofa and stood near him. It was a large but single sofa. I would either have to sit very close to him or even in his lap. I did not know what to do. So I simply stood there. He placed the bowl of porridge on the coffee table opposite and stood up. The six feet of delicious hard muscles stood opposite my five foot four of soft girlish beauty. It did not help that he was in a jogging pant that was dangerously low on his hips with his chiselled chest naked. My nipples were now hard as pebbles and poking through my kurta. Bad idea not to worn a bra. But I wanted to know how he would react. He lifted me in his arms. For the first time in the arms of a male, a young male, a young and handsome male. A young handsome male who was half naked and smelling of sex. I fainted. When I came to my senses, a few moments later, I was sitting in a corner of the huge single seater, leaning against the arm rest. He was sitting right next to me, my legs were on his thighs and he grinned at me. His sweaty chest was right next to my hard nipples in the harsh cotton kurta. He could easily see that was aroused. He leaned forward and opened his mouth. I thought he would fuck me. At least kiss me. All he did was ask, “ Are you hungry?” I was hungry for hot hard cock. But at his question, my hungry tummy growled. I hadn't eaten for some time now. He leaned and picked up the bowl of porridge and looked at me. I could not take my eyes off his face. He took a spoonful of porridge and brought it close to my mouth. His fingers, holding the spoon were a few inches from my mouth. The porridge smelt heavenly as he fed it to me. The taste of honey, cinnamon and oats- all strange tastes at that time, was like heaven. Delicious as the warm porridge was, I really wanted to lick his fingers, rather than the spoon. As I swallowed the first spoonful, he fed me another spoon. As I mulled over the tastes of the porridge, he smiled and took a spoonful himself. He kept the spoon in his mouth for a few moments. Then he licked the spoon and took another bit of porridge and fed me. The taste of his saliva mixed with the porridge released another warm trickle from my cunt. Bad idea, not to have worn panties. The wet spot was becoming visible. I bent down to blush. My eyes went to his bulge. It was a really big bulge. Had I made him hard, I wondered. Or was the kind of man who was always hard. I was so naïve and stupid. I didn't know anything. He continued to feed me as well as ate of the same spoon himself. He had fed me his saliva and had eaten my saliva too. The thought really aroused me and I twisted a bit and moaned. He looked in surprise at the moan and his hand shook. A spot of porridge fell on his chest. I looked at the spot of porridge. White spot of creamy porridge on his brown muscled chest. He grinned at my staring face and said “ Go on babe. Touch me. I won't bite”. The very thought of touching that hard and naked chest was so attractive. But I was getting a bit tired of the hunk being a bit patronising. Yes I was a naïve girl. But I had a woman’s instinct. I bent and moved my mouth towards the spot of porridge. I pressed my lips to that hard chest and flicked my tongue out and licked the porridge. Along with it, I also licked the sweat on his chest as well as inhaled deeply the aroma of sex on his body. I would have sold my soul to have him fuck me right then and there. The young man took a sharp breath, as my fingers made contact with his chest. I could not contain myself and my hands started wandering in the ridges and planes of his naked male body. As I touched him, the more I wanted to be fucked by him. I did not know the actual mechanics of the love game. I had no idea of what actually would happen, how it would start and where it would go. But I knew I wanted to get fucked by him. He chuckled and said “ You little bitch. You are in a big hurry”. I looked up at his handsome face. He grinned and said “ Wait darling. You are too young for this. “I was not not only hot and bothered, but angry too. I would show him who was too young. But I did not know how and what to show him. I leaned back. My kurta was wet and sweaty. My tiny and stiff nipples were clearly outlined by the wet cloth. He stared at the outline of my nipples and took a sharp breath in. He muttered “ fuck me” under his breath. He looked straight in my eye and said, “ You want it really bad, don't you?” I nodded yes. He then said, “ You are a hot little chick. You will grow up to be a sexy babe. “ I did not care for compliments. All I knew is I wanted him then and there. He hesitated still. I wanted him. I knew that I was past age of consent or was I. I knew in a months time in September 2003, I would turn 16 years. My spirits nosedived. I knew the hunk was sexy but also smart. He wouldn't do anyone my age. Why would he, when he could get all the legal pussy he wanted. His naked chest under my wandering fingers and my nipples under his burning gaze, still made me hot and wanting to get fucked by him. But the chances were falling. He took a look at my fallen face and said” Hey babe, wait a little longer. I swear, it will be worth it”. But he did have consolation prize for me. He pulled me into his lap and as I sat facing him and my legs straddled his waist, he bent his neck and brought his lips close to mine. His tongue darted out and touched my lips. His hot lips covered my mouth and he ground his lips against mine. It was no delicate kiss. His tongue invaded my mouth and massaged my tongue. His lips sucked my tongue and the strength and raw power was a promise of the fucking he could give me. I ground my ass to his crotch and felt him growing harder and harder as he kissed me raw. But he did have consolation prize for me. He pulled me into his lap and as I sat facing him and my legs straddled his waist, he bent his neck and brought his lips close to mine. His tongue darted out and touched my lips. His hot lips covered my mouth and he ground his lips against mine. It was no delicate kiss. His tongue invaded my mouth and massaged my tongue. His lips sucked my tongue and the strength and raw power was a promise of the fucking he could give me. I ground my ass to his crotch and felt him growing harder and harder as he kissed me raw. The alternating nips on my lips, the massaging of my tongue with his, then his lips sucking my tongue. This hunk could kiss…..looking back, that kiss will stay with me the rest of my life. The first time I had touched a man intimately and the first time a man had touched me. The intensity of the first time, when my body had made contact with every part of the hunk…….fuck….it was actually better than fucking. The intensity of touch and the headiness of adolescence. I have never experienced such intensity again. As his lips kissed me and his tongue explored my mouth, I held on to his muscled shoulders and instinctively grinded my ass against his crotch. As he kissed my mouth, I felt something hard expanding in between my ass cheeks and growing towards my cunt opening. I peeped down. His cock was hard and the head of his cock had escaped the confinement of his jogging pants and was looking out. While the kiss as good, I needed to introduce that mouth to other parts of my body. I wanted to be introduced to this their arts of the body. His hands which were at my waist needed to be in my their places. I had to force myself to cut short his gentle and insistent assault on my mouth. I leaned back and arched my back. My hands were now on his abs and my ripe and small breasts were hanging in front of him. They were still in the kurta, but the sweat had made them stick to the kurta and the hard nipples were clearly visible. He said “ You little bitch. You want it badly don't you? You want that tight little pussy to be hammered by my cock. “. I nodded yes. My mouth was too dry to make any response. I bent forwards and fed him my nipples. One hand of his came up and pinched a nipple. He bent and took another nipple in his between his teeth. His hand and his teen teased my nipples. I lost control and bucked like a wild horse, grinding my ass on his big and hard cock. His cockhead was at the entrance of my cunt. I had to put it in. As his teeth gently nipped my nipple , my hand slid between us and went down the ridges of his abs and touched his cock. The bite suddenly went from a gentle nip to a violent tug on my nipple. I looked up and saw his face change. It was so full of pain. I thought I had hurt him. As he rolled his face and shut his eyes tight, he shouted “ Fuck you bitch. Fuck…fuck me..what are you doing to me, you little cunt”. Although I feared that I was hurting him, I never let go. His cock suddenly spasmed and a hot and sticky feeling engulfed my hand. I thought he was bleeding and looked down between us. On his abs, on my hand and all over my kurta, was a whitish and creamy fluid. His shouts were now soft moans. Both his hands were gently squeezing my breasts and his cock continued to spew the cream on my kurta and into my hands. A couple of minutes later, his hands wound around my waist and he set me on my he sofa, stood up, shook his head as he could not believe it and walked to the other door and the third room in the house. All the time muttering, “ fuck….what was that…fuck…” As he left, I heard a soft chuckle. It was another hunk. The younger one, whom I had seen in bed with auntie Sudha. He was wearing a tight thong kind of thing and was naked otherwise. He threw himself on the sofa next to me and said, “ who the fuck are you? You must be a real sexy bitch. That kind of thing has never happened to Varun. “ So that was the hunk’ name. Varun. It had a sexy feel to it. The second hunk said, laughing, “ Varun always thought he was the stud. Always in control of things. You must be fucking something, if you could make him give up his control” He then put his hand forward and said “ I am Ankit and I wouldn't mind fucking you, if you will have me and my cock”. He was simply irresistible in his charm. But I wanted Varun. Nothing but Varun at that moment. I did not take his hand, as my right hand was soaked in the cream from Varun. I took my hand to my nose and inhaled deeply. It was an intoxicating musk. I gently licked a drop hanging from the tip of my finger. Umm, all kinds of flavours. Honey, cinnamon, salt and citrus. A waft of sandalwood and a dash of orange. Now I know I was simply being imaginative. But at that moment. It felt like I had the ambrosia of gods in my hand. I licked gently and then I licked hard and then sucked each finger to relish and swallow every drop of Varun’s cream. I heard a loud moan.i looked up to see Ankit had dropped his thong and was furiously stroking his cock. The cock was as big as Varun's, if not bigger. He kept muttering about how he wanted to stick that cock in the tight cunt of the little sexy babe sting in front of hi. He spoke of how he would fuck her mouth then her small tits and then plunge his cock into the tight cunt till she begged for mercy. As he imagined fucking me, I imagined being fucked by Varun. As I ate Varun's cream, I saw Ankit jerking if and soon he was cumming ropes of cream on his abs and chest, shouting out “ Fuck you little bitch…fuck you”. As he collapsed after cumming, I heard a gentle laugh. My auntie Sudha stood there naked. She came close to me and said “ You are something. I never imagined this in her daughter. You have made both my studs come, just looking at you. It has never happened before”. My head reeled. My sexual attraction and this thing of the two studs of my auntie. What the fuck was going on? I licked gently and then I licked hard and then sucked each finger to relish and swallow every drop of Varun’s cream. I heard a loud moan.i looked up to see Ankit had dropped his thing and was furiously stroking his cock. The cock was as big as Varun's, if not bigger. He kept muttering about how he wanted to stick that cock in the tight cunt of the little sexy babe sting in front of hi. He spoke of how he would fuck her mouth then her small tits and then plunge his cock into the tight cunt till she begged for mercy. As he imagined fucking me, I imagined being fucked by Varun. As I ate Varun's cream, I saw Ankit jerking if and soon he was cumming ropes of cream on his abs and chest, shouting out “ Fuck you little bitch…fuck you”. As he collapsed after cumming, I heard a gentle laugh. My auntie Sudha stood there naked. She came close to me and said “ You are something. I never imagined this in her daughter. You have made both my studs come, just looking at you. It has never happened before”. My head reeled. My sexual attraction and this thing of the two studs of my auntie. What the fuck was going on? Sudha auntie stood in front of me. She was a really lovely looking woman. She looked a lot younger than the 35 years or so that she was. She had a very pretty face with eyes that sparkled with humour and curiosity. High cheekbones and a dainty nose. A full mouth meant for sucking cock and pretty little teeth to nibble at balls. She was just as tall as me but bigger in every department. She was a little darker than me in complexion. She was caramel to my cream. She was wearing a large t shirt which was so out of size for her, that it had to be the t shirt of one of the big hunks I had just met. The t shirt came down to the middle of her thighs. Even the large t shirt had a difficulty in containing what we're obviously very large breasts. They were straining at the t shirt as was her fairly wide hips. This was in contrast to my smallish breasts and slim hips. She stood in front of me with a curious smile. “ Are you really my sister’s daughter” she said. “ How could such a hot- to-trot little bitch be born to my cold as an iceberg sister”. She continued “ Having said that, I like horny little slut more than refrigerator woman”. She chuckled and turned towards Ankit, who was sitting near me, but at a slight angle to me. As she saw that naked and ripped make body, with the ropes of cum on his chest and abs, after his jerking off to me……I saw the glint of lust in her eyes. She turned to me and said “ My darling little bitch, I will get back to you. I have a little unfinished business right now” She kneeled in between Ankit and me, facing him and started licking up the ropes of cum. She started at the strand the went from his navel to his right nipple, slowly eating up the cum and licking the abs and going up to his hard and muscled chest. Then she licked up the second strand and then the third and her tongue flicked all over his sexy body eating up his cum. Ankit, slipped his hand down and tried to touch her cunt. As he did this, the t shirt was tight over here highs and so she pulled it up to expose her cunt to his searching fingers. Her cunt was smooth and the cunt lips were dark red. Unlike my pink cunt with the fuzz of light hair. She then kneeled further and started licking his thighs and as she did this she splayed her thighs wide. I could see whitish stains on her thighs from the cum that was dripping down her cunt. The cunt itself was fairly wet and I could see cum still slowly dripping down, showing that she had fucked just a little while ago. She turned around and came to me. Ankit’s cum was still dripping down her mouth. She came close to me and put her lips over mine. As I opened my mouth, she let his fresh cum flow from her mouth into mine, without actually touching my lips with hers. As we swapped cum from her mouth to mine, I wanted to reach out and let her tongue enter my mouth and have her lips seal my lips. But she drew away, letting me savour the cum of Ankit. Unlike Varun's cum, Ankit’s cum had a harder and harsher taste. It was less vanilla and more dangerous and exciting. I wanted to get fucked everywhere by this exciting hunk. But I still wanted my first to be Varun's cock. As Sudha auntee drew away from me. I saw Ankit’s hand snake out and grab her waist. He drew her towards him and as she sat on his lap, she arched back and ground her ass on his cock. She then lifted up her ass and I saw…. I saw his cock, big hard and ready once again. When she now tried to lower her ass, he held the ass cheeks firmly, and placed the cunt just above his cock head. He then pulled her down hard and his entire huge cock, went completely in. He held her fast in that position. Her ass jutting out and touching his hard hips. His hands on her hips holding her down and his hard cock fully sunk in her cunt. Then his arm came forward to hold her waist and his other hand swiftly pulled the t shirt up and released those huge baubles. They were creamy white with dark brown nipples that were jutting out. The free hand pulled hard at one nipple after the other. He then looked at me and patted the seat right next to him. I went and sat next to him. He released his hold over Sudha’s waist and held my face. He came close and looked into my eyes. I closed my eyes, expecting his mouth to cover mine and his tongue to enter my mouth. Instead. I felt a sharp tug on my right nipple. The hunk had leaned down and big sharply on my nipple through my kurta. I moaned out loud” Aaah Varun, bite me hard”. The fact that I was calling out the other hunk’s name aroused Ankit. He chuckled and said” You little slut, you really have the hots for him”. As he said this, he had slowly pulled out of Sudha’s cunt and then forcefully driven in again. He had reattached his teeth to my nipple and bit hard as he fucked my auntie. She then took over and started riding him, mounted as she was on his monster cock in reverse cowgirl fashion. She bucked up and down the eight inches. She howled “ Ankit, you never go soft when you are with me. “ He moaned “ Fuck…..yes bitch. You never have enough of me”. He then turned to me and said “ Now there is another hot little slut waiting for my cock”. Auntie bent and slapped his thighs hard. She screamed and said” You dirty fucker…..satisfy my cunt and then turn to my niece’s cunt….fuck me…fuck me hard”. Ankit grinned and said, “ So this is your niece. Nice. A niece- auntie sandwich will be new one for me”. He looked at me and winked. He said to me, “ Will that be good for you, little chick. Getting fucked by me as soon as I finish fucking your aunt?” He added, “ why don't you take off your stupid kurta and get naked. Ready to take my cock in your tight little hole, as soon as I am done with your aunt”. I followed his demand and became naked for him. All the time, however, I was yearning for Varun’s mouth, Varun’s cock and Varun’s fucking. I sat down naked next to him. Sudha was still riding his cock like a mad banshee, howling that his cock belonged only to him. He was calm as fuck, sitting next to the howling aunt and randy niece. He slipped his hand to the front and massaged her clit. The frothing juices , he collected from her cunt and brought to my mouth. I licked them off his fingers. I could taste Varun’s vanilla and orange flavours as well as Ankit’s exciting dark chocolate and brandy. In addition there was a darker and more dangerous, indescribable taste of my aunt. The concoction was so intoxicating that I screamed loudly. Ankit then shifted his hand from Sudha’s clit to mine. He pinched my clit and teased my cunt lips with his finger. That contact with the male hand brought me to the edge. He bent down and bit my nipple. That pushed me over the edge. As I sank in the whirlpool, I screamed “ Fuck me Varun…..fuck me with your lovely cock. I am all yours to fuck and use. Fuck me Varun……fuck me….make me your slut….I want to be your bitch forever…..make me your whore and use me as you please…..” That screaming set off Sudha's orgasm and then Ankit's, who in turn howled and roared their releases. As they did this, I closed my eyes. I felt hot scaling liquid fall on my tits. I opened my eyes. Varun was standing naked in front of me. Jerking his monster cock and cumming on my tots and face. As I recovered and tried standing on my unsteady feet, he softly pushed me down down to the sofa, groaned “ You little bitch….what are you doing to me”. He then turned around and stalked out of the room, once again. As I sat down, unsure of anything. I saw Sudha also rise up and walk out naked, following Varun. Ankit alone sat down and pulled me to his arms. He then said, holding me tight with my tits crushed by his hard chest “ I will make sure you get Varun’s cock and get enough of it.” He grinned and added “ That is only because, I want to have you cunt and tits and mouth for some hard fucking by myself”. I couldn't agree more. Once I had got my Varun, I would be happy for some hardcore fucking by Ankit and more hunks after that. Life was beginning to look up. Ankit alone sat down and pulled me to his arms. He then said, holding me tight with my tits crushed by his hard chest “ I will make sure you get Varun’s cock and get enough of it.” He grinned and added “ That is only because, I want to have you cunt and tits and mouth for some hard fucking by myself”. I couldn't agree more. Once I had got my Varun, I would be happy for some hardcore fucking by Ankit and more hunks after that. Life was beginning to look up. I sat down a bit stunned, when Ankit too rose up and walked out. I touched my breasts and felt Varun’s male cream on my body. I rubbed it well into my skin, as if that was one way of getting him deep into myself. When all that cum had been massaged into my tits and belly skin, I stopped. I lay down naked on the soft sofa. The bath, the light meal of porridge, the cum of two hunks in my bellyache the orgasms and above all the touch and presence of two hunks, sedated me and I felt sleepy and drowsy. I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was dark outside. I had a soft blanket covering me and the house was silent. I stood up. I felt quite clear and alert. I was still naked underneath the blanket. I wrapped it around me, in an awkward fashion. I walked to the door. The living room beyond the room we had fucked in was bright and so was the kitchen beyond the living room. I walked towards the kitchen. There was someone in there. It was a strange figure. Average height, a bit portly in figure and short hair. The person was wearing a nightgown like most middle aged women do in Indian towns. I thought it must be the maid and coughed to attract her attention.When the figure turned, I had a shock. It was a middle aged man in the woman’s nightgown. He smiled at me and said “ Are you Sudha’s niece ?” I nodded yes. He came close to me and said it had been ages since I had seen him and hence did not recognise him. He was Sudha auntie’s husband. He was older than her and was some kind of a senior government official. He had married Sudha to help her family in some financial trouble, was all I knew. We never had great relations and for past few years, all relations had been broken till my current visit. Uncle came close to me and looked at me. He said “ You are such a pretty girl”. Then he asked “ Have they seen you?” I asked “ Who?”. He looked about and said, “ Wohi…..bade Lundwale” ( Those..with big cocks). I knew he meant Varun and Ankit. I nodded yes. He came towards me with great interest and asked “ Have they done it?”. I knew they had done things but not IT. So I said no. He then said “ Baby, can you do me a favour”. I asked what he wanted. He said “ Can I watch, when they do it?”. I was stunned. The blanket fell from me. He picked it up and gently wrapped it nicely around me. No sense of lust when he did it. It was more like a nurse. A sharp slap sound and I looked to see auntie Sudha hot uncle on his arm sharply. He yelped and stepped back. She glared at him and asked what he was doing with me. He bent his head and said he was not doing anything. One more slap, this time on his face, he became tearful and said “ I was only asking if they had did it to me” One more slap, this time on the back of his head, he said “ I asked if I could watch when they did it to me”. Auntie burst out laughing and said” You asshole, all you can do is watch. What else are you capable of?” “ OK, if I let you watch the bulls mount and fuck this little bitch, what will you give me?”. He was quiet. I looked at auntie. She said “ to watch that fuck fest, you will have to give me something solid. I will think and let you know”. She added” Finish cooking fast. I am hungry”. She then brought me out to the living room. She was wearing a nice silk top and silk leggings, without a bra or panty. No underwear to mar the smooth lines of the expensive silk clothes. She slipped the blanket from my body and I sat naked next to her. She drew me close and set her arms around my naked body. She kissed my nipples. As they stiffened she said, “ Don't worry. Nobody is going to do it to you soon”. Bad idea, I thought. All I really wanted was for Varun to do it to me now, not even soon. As I looked down, there was a bit of a noise at the door. Ankit stood in a tight t shirt and ripped jeans. He winked at me cheekily and told auntie and me ” See you tomorrow bitches”. Then Varun dropped in. He was wearing a pair of gym shorts and a hoodie zipped down to the middle of his chest. He wasn't wearing anything underneath. I felt so horny that I wanted to jump on him right there. He mumbled something and left. Uncle brought in two cups of green tea and left us two alone. I looked up at auntie for explanations. She told me “ Darling, what do you think is the sweetest thing in the world”. “ Is it getting a hard pounding by your lover’s cock in the afternoon?”. “ Or is it feeling his hard cock still stiff in your cunt as you watch your other teen lover pull on his clothes after having dumped his cum in your mouth?” “ Or is the knowledge that your cunt and mouth will get the hard pounding everyday and every night by young lovers?” “ Actually it is all of these, but the real sweetness comes when your husband brings in hot tea for you after all that rough and lovely fucking and asks if he can please watch the next time too?”. I was stunned and confused. Sudha auntie then started telling me her story.

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I kissed her with ferocity taking her mouth with a burning possession tasting her sweetness with deep languid licks She whimpered The vibration sizzled straight through me and stiffened my already erect cock I pressed my hardness against the firm silken flesh of her bottom Being in my wife’s presence kept my hunger for her eternally burning never fully extinguished despite several years of marriage She had stolen my heart and I knew I would never get it backGood morning baby she cooed twining her hand around my neckGood morning I smiled and leaned in to whisper in her ear I’m so hard for youAnd I’m wet for youHer thick black mane of hair lay like an exotic fan across the white pillowcase Her breath was slow and steady the side profile of her breasts readily visible Her nipples stiffened magnifying the fullness of her ample curves She was stunning During our entire marriage I’d watched her turn the heads of men and women alike and with every passing year I fell more and more in love with herA lazy half-smile spread across her face an expression she saved for me—a look she gave when she wanted me to tear off all of her clothes and ravage her body I traced my fingers along her skin until my fingertips met a peaked nipple She melted into me pressing her warm curvy ass against my hard-on The lush carnality of her body swept over me I grew harder I pressed my cock against her bottom and kissed her my tongue blazing a trail from her ear to her jaw and finally to her hot lipsShe slid her hands along the muscles of my chest and our breath grew rapid and pressured as our tongues probed one another’s mouths I caught her lower lip between my teeth and she let out a soft moan Pushing myself upright I swept the covers aside and outlined a path from her breast to her hip Then I gentled her onto her back and pressed her knees apart so I could rub her clit over her panties noting the growing wetness of the fabricCheeks flushed blue eyes bright she watched as I lowered myself to her full breast Her expression displayed the raw savage effect I had on her She never hid it never hid her fierce hunger for me She was so open and needy and sexy as fuck My chest tightenedI kissed my way down her cheek to her jaw licking and nipping at her neck and then lower her chest sex-flushed scarlet and heaving Her full breasts were plump with arousal her nipples stiffened into hard peaks I devoured her left nipple suckling and nipping with need When I bit down on the beaded tip she inhaled sharply her fingertips raking the skin of my back as I slid my hand into her pantiesShe was completely soaked And I needed to taste herI lowered myself down and grasped her ankles pushing her legs up revelling in her gorgeous curves Her beauty had grown in our years together her body more mature the round swells of her breasts and hips and tiny waist the epitome of womanhood I slid her panties to mid-thigh and glanced up at her We locked gazes and she smiled that sensual smile as she allowed her knees to drop closer to her body exposing her most private vulnerable partPerfectly coiffed her slick pink folds glistened in the soft sun that danced against her tan skin I lifted her legs high for better access and kissed the back of the thighs Her breath caught in anticipation of what was about to come and I slowed my descent down kissing and licking a trail along the back of her legs a slow deliberate tortureFinally the need to taste her sweet flavour overpowered me and I took a long slow lick of her silky sex As soon as my tongue met the delicate skin of her clitoris she audibly gasped I slid my tongue along her slick folds and her legs parted in responseHer nectar was intoxicating and my raging cock strained as I lapped at her in long lazy strokes She moaned involuntarily and her chest rose and fell with irregular breaths I reached up and rolled her tight nipple around in my fingertips eliciting a breathy moan I watched her face as I slid one finger into her owning her and then two fingers Her lips parted her skin flushed in a mask of ecstasy From my ministrationsThen I pulled her panties off slow and steady prolonging the sweet agony I kissed her feet and when her panties dropped to the floor she parted her legs wide her sex quivering with anticipation My mouth was on her the next instant and she moaned her knees dropping apart even further She clutched the back of my head and forced my tongue to work until she was dripping wetI reached down and stroked my cock now wet with pre-cum As if sensing my urgency she sat upright on the bed and pushed me to my back My hard-on lay heavy and thick against my belly begging for her expert touch She knew me like no other woman Not even my mistress She grasped the base with her tiny hand and her pink nails looked so perfect wrapped around my thick root She glanced up at me her fuchsia lips parted her mouth curving up at the corner in a sly smile Then she took one long lick of the crownSensation exploded within me radiating from my core with that one lick and I groaned Spurned on she took me inside her warm wet mouth Pink lips covered my cock her blue eyes pinned to mine as she sucked taking my length My eyes widened as she reached the base amazed she could take it all She pulled back with firm suction and the air felt cold where her mouth had once been She pumped me and caressed my balls with her pretty little hand She licked at the crown her tongue swirling slow leisurely circles around and around and up and down finally taking me back into her mouth once again I arched my back in feverish abandon My balls tightened as my cock throbbed desperately needing to sink into her to fill her to claim and possess every inch of herStop I commanded So closeI rose up and pushed her to her back spreading her legs wide where I nestled my hard-on at the entrance to her sex She reached down and grasped my cock pumping it sliding it against her slick pussy I needed to be inside her I pressed my cockhead into her pink opening and when I met resistance pushed further finally breaching her tender fleshHer soft moans ignited me further and the next moment I was completely buried inside her surrounded by her moist heat I looked down watching hypnotized by the beauty of seeing my thick cock moving in and out repeatedly disappearing into my wife It was the perfect vantage point to see her plump breasts bounce with ever thrust her engorged clitoris throbbing with arousal I hitched my thumb under her right knee and pushed her leg back and sank in even further Pleasure radiated throughout my body from the hot tight flesh encompassing my cockI grasped her curvy ass and with a wild ferocity flipped her onto her side I looked down at her round ass the full firm flesh and pressed my cock down between her cheeks She responded by pushing back with her hips raising them up so I had perfect accessI stroked her clit and using the pads of my fingers traced the slick opening of her cleft Then using just my 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smiling her sexy just-for-me smileStill buried deep inside my wife I leaned down to kiss her I love youI love you too
Mature wife has an affair with the son of a friend

How do I begin I was totally unprepared for the eventsthat followTo set the scene A friend of mine who no longer livedclose had the terrible news that her eldest son hadbeen killed in a car accident This news was given tome by his younger brother who was a classmate of my ownsonHe would have been 27 years old At the time I was 58He called at my home one evening to tell me theterrible news I was really shocked to hear his brotherwas dead and could see he was very upset As we stoodin my hall way I put my arms around him to comfort himand tell him how sorry I was kissing him not in asexual way gently on the cheek I invited him in and wesat at my kitchen table chatting My husband was inanother room watching TV some football gameHe came into the kitchen and he consoled John about hisloss and left the room John was very upset I couldtell and as we talked I felt so much sympathy for himit was overwhelming As I looked at him I wondered howI could help him We sat at the table talking about oldtimes about his brother had he a girlfriend you knowjust small talkI told him if he needed anything I would be here forhim John said I was most kind and he hadn’t realisedthat anyone would care so much We stood up and heldtightly saying not to worry and time would make thingsbetterAs we held each other I became aware of his cockhardening in his pants I have been married 30 yearsand never once cheated nor has it crossed my mind to doso This situation was a little embarrassing for me asI felt him push into me as I held himI broke off the embrace and sat down feeling strangeJohn said he had to soon as there was a lot to doorganising the funeral and such I said there was norush for him to go and would he like something to eator drink He accepted and I got busy making him asandwich and coffeeMy husband works night shift and was due to go to workHe came into the kitchen and again consoled John at hisloss and to be sure to let us know when the funeral wasso we could attend he apologised he couldn’t talklonger but had to go to work This left John and Ialone together in my kitchen with John eating the foodI had prepared for himWe chatted with small talk and I found myself askinghim if such a handsome young man had a girlfriend Johnsaid his girlfriend had finished with him some weekspreviously and he was hurting about that I told him hewould soon find another one being so handsome I didn’tknow why I was flattering him soJohn said I was so kind and he would like to find agirl like meI laughed and said “What a 58 year old girl?”“No a girl like you” but that I still lookedattractiveI was flattered and playfully slapped his handHe stood up took my hand and asked if he could kiss meMy mind whirled I wasn’t averse to the idea but fearedwhat it would lead to but I stood and he again embracedme and kissed me fully on the lips The kiss lasted afew seconds and he looked me in the eye still holdingme tight and said kiss me again This time he forcedhis tongue into my mouthHe held me tightly and I could feel him stiffeningagainst me As we kissed I felt his hand brush mybreast and I kissed him back passionately His handgrew bolder cupping my breast kneading it squeezing itand I felt weak at the kneesI broke away saying I was a married woman and heshouldn’t be doing this he retorted that I was a sexywoman It’s a long time since anyone called me sexy Hekissed me again as we stood in the kitchen and fondledmy breasts with me not resisting he whispered in myear that he wanted me and wanted to take me upstairs Iwas undecided part of me did and part of me didn’t butI allowed him to take my hand and lead me to thestairsWe kissed passionately at the foot of the stairs Hishands roamed my ass and pulled me into his now hardcock I led him upstairs to the spare bedroom as weclimbed the stairs his hands wandered over me I feltlike a teenager In the spare bedroom he sat lay me onthe bed and lay beside meI knew that I was going to succumb to my first cocksince my wedding all those years ago His handscaressed my body lifting my top and bra and feeling mynipples pinching them as they hardened My hand heguided to his now rock hard cock My skirt had riddenup showing my panties He rubbed my pussy through themand ordered me to take them offI raised my hips and slid them down my legs and kickedthem off Then he opened his zipper and out sprung acock some what bigger than my husbands I pleasured hiscock as he sucked my tits and I was getting carried away I wanted him oh how I wanted him no thought of theconsequencesI blurted out “Fuck me now” With that he spread mylegs got on top and fucked me hard Oh it felt so goodI felt an orgasm coming on but he climaxed before I hadmy orgasmIt was a strange moment as we lied there me alreadyregretting what he had done and I suspect he was alittle too at taking one of his mothers friends Littlewas spoken as I got dressed and I went downstairs tothe kitchen where he joined me I said that this mustnever happen again and no one should know that it hadJohn left soon after and I was left contemplating whathad happened and was disgusted with myself How could Ihave got in such a positionI never saw John again until the funeral His motherand brothers and sister where there His Mother Joancame to my house before she left for home We chattedas old friends do I never mentioned anything aboutwhat had happened with JohnThe doorbell rand and it was John who had come to pickhis mother up to drive her the 200 miles to where shelived I felt myself blush when I saw him and mustadmit had a feeling inside I knew I shouldn’t haveNeedless to say John and I are now lovers and he fucksme anytime we can manage some time together

Orgy and my fat wife

Sharon was 26 and already a big girl when John met herAfter 10 years together she had grown huge It hadbeen her large breasts and curvy ass that had firstattracted him to her but now she was enormous all overand it had reached the point that John was havingtrouble getting aroused enough to have sex with her Itwasnt that she didnt want it; in fact she was horniernow then ever but her body just didnt do it for himas it once hadAlthough he sometimes felt bad about it and worriedthat she might find someone else he knew she hadbecome so embarrassed by her size that she would nevergo looking He could sense her dissatisfaction and forthe last few years their marriage had becomingstrainedSuch was the state of affairs when Leon joined Johnssmall company Leon was a tall muscular black manfive years Johns junior One morning about a monthLeon had hired on the two stood outside the buildinghaving a cigarette As they were talking a chunkywhite woman walked by on the sidewalk about twenty feetawayLeon took a drag on his cigarette exhaling a perfectsmoke ring To Johns surprise Leon suddenly blurtedout Oh fuck me man now thats my kinda lady Ohyeah When John expressed surprise Leon confessedthat hed always loved his women big and meaty Hiscuriosity piqued John asked him just how bigLeons gaze stayed on the woman as she moved away fromthem The bigger the better my man He took a finaldrag on his cigarette flipped the butt onto the graveldriveway then turned and looked John in the eye Abig women can take my cock all of it the way noskinny bitch ever couldyou know what Im sayinThen he grabbed his crotch and laughed As theyreturned to the shop John felt nervous and excited allat onceFor reasons he couldnt understand John kept replayingthat short conversation in his head for days afterwardWhen Leon invited John to a game of tennis at a nearbyclub he eagerly accepted for the sole purpose ofperhaps getting to see Leon naked When the game wasover John found Leon already in the shower when hewalked inThough he tried to control it he couldnt help staringwhen he caught sight of the young mans huge cock Itlooked to John as if it must have been 8 inches softand hung between his legs like a long length of blackrubber pipe He had to tear his eyes away as Leoncasually soaped himself letting his big dick flopaboutThat night he fucked Sharon like a wild man thenrepeated his performance the next night Though hehated to admit it by the weekend he was finally ableto accept the fact that the reason for his sudden boutof horniness was Leon Or more correctly thefantasies he was having about Leon and Sharon togetherEvery time he had sex his wife he pictured Leonfucking her and the thought got him so hot he wouldquickly explodeAlthough Sharon didnt complain she finally asked whatwas going on to suddenly make him so hot For awhileJohn didnt what to say so he just kept quiet He feltconflicted both aroused and repulsed but he finallytold her all about Leon though for the moment he leftout the details of him fucking her the part that wasactually driving his fantasiesNow Sharon became curious asking what Leons cocklooked like She laughed not believing John when hetold her how big it was Baby Im telling you itslike a bloody horse cock you wouldnt believe it hesaid I almost dont believe it myself and I saw thedamn thingTwo days later and another game of tennis followed by ashower Leon spotted him looking and grinned as hegrabbed his cock and held it out You should see thisbad boy when its hard buddy Leon smirked Find mea nice fat slut bitch and Ill show you some time Hepaused to look at John If you can handle it thatis His words left John feeling uneasy yet tinglingall overAfter their second encounter in the shower John wentnuts fucking Sharon hard every night It was duringtheir third straight night of sex while John washumping her that she whispered in his ear Yourthinking about him again arent you He didnt replyjust increased the speed of his thrustingShe ran her tongue lightly against his ear Youd loveto see me sucking his big black cock wouldnt youbaby Its OK you can tell me she said gently Herwords pushed him over the edge and he came hard thenhis orgasm intense and drawn out Though no words hadpassed between them he realized by his actions that hehad revealed his true desires to Sharon He didnt knowwhether to feel relieved or frightenedAfterward Sharon asked most of the questions as theylay side by side in bed and talked about it She triedto reassure her husband telling him sweetly that sheunderstood that it was OK even normal to fantasizeabout all kinds of things John lay on his back in thedarkened room staring at the ceiling Then unable tostop himself and not really wanting to he confessed toSharon about the conversation he had had with Leon atthe shop and about how much Leon really loved bigwomenSharon turned to face him brought her head down andkissed him lightly on the lips Not big all over likeme honey she said I think he probably just meansbusty women But John told her no and then describedin detail the woman they had seen walking near the shopand the conversation that followed Now it was Sharonwho suddenly became quite lost in her own thoughtsTwo days later without any warning Sharon showed up atthe small machine shop that John owned She walked overto where he stood kissed him on the cheek and handedhim a paper bag I brought you some lunch sweetheartJust as a little surprise she said sweetly Ithought maybe you could use a break from all thevending machine food All the while she was talking toJohn she kept her head moving her eyes scanning theshop floorHe took the bag and thanked her but he was concernedShowing up at his workplace unannounced was somethingshe rarely did especially lately and normally Johnwould have been pleased to see her But as he looked ather today he just felt uneasy And he quickly realizedwhy She was much more dressed up than usual for such avisit and though he thought she looked nice even kindof sexy it aroused his suspicions She was wearing atight dark blue skirt that showed off her wide hipsand thick legs along with a yellow top that John hadnever seen before It too was tight accentuating thesheer size of her breastsLeon was bent over a machine when she came in butlooked up when he heard the sound of a female voice Hewalked over and calmly extended his hand to herHello you must be Sharon he said smiling broadly ather She shook his hand holding it longer than sheshould have Her eyes were locked on hisAnd youre Leon I presume she replied John feltincreasingly put out as the two stared at each otherignoring him Recognizing their immediate connectionJohn moved between them hoping somehow to break itThanks for stopping by baby Ill see you tonightHis tone of voice was dismissive indicating that hewanted her to leave – nowHer eyes were still on Leon as she moved closer to herhusband She slipped her arm around his waist brushingher large right breast against his midsection in theprocessSure darling she said Listen sweetheart whydont you bring Leon home with you for dinner tonightshe asked John heard the playfulness in her voice heknew it so well and it hurt because he knew he was notits intended targetShe tightened her grip moving still closer to him Nowhe could feel the softness and warmth of her largebreast through his thin T-shirt along with anotherfamiliar sensation: the beginnings of an erection Hesure looks like he could use a home cooked meal honeydont you think Before John could open his mouth toobject Leon pounced saying he would love to join themfor dinner Sharon smiled at Leon gave her husband akiss on the cheek and walked awayMan your woman is one fine looking piece of ass Leonsaid later as the two stood outside taking a mid-afternoon smoke break I could fuck her all nightlongJohn gave Leon a hard look Back off will you manthats my wife youre talking about His voicebetrayed more anger than he intendedLeon just laughed dropped his cigarette and ground itout under his work boot See thats the deal manIts always someone elses wife Im talking about Helooked directly at John I dont mean no disrespectbuddy Itll be OKAt five oclock quitting time John tried to slip awayundetected but when he reached his car he found agrinning Leon standing there with his arms foldedwaiting for him Hey man Ill just follow you homeOK John looked glumly at Leon and nodded his headOnce in his car he rested his head against thedrivers window There was a knot in his stomach and hewas shaking Feelings of anticipation and dread warredin his mind threatening to overwhelm him He closedhis eyes and took half a dozen deep breaths trying tosteady himselfAs he drove home his feelings began to change Theidea of Leon in his home near his wife was nowcausing John to feel extremely angry Thoughts of Leonand Sharon together was also having another undeniableeffect however It made his cock as hard as steel Hewas angry with himself for getting so horny but theimage of his nice faithful wife Sharon sucking onLeons swollen tool kept playing over and over in hismind like an endless tape The less he tried to thinkabout it the more the thought intruded And to hisshame and confusion the hornier he becameLeon was so pumped up that he sprinted from his car andwas waiting for John to open the door to his house andthen almost pushed past him once he did Both men wentstraight to the sitting room where Sharon was waitingfor them To Johns utter dismay he saw that she hadchanged clothes yet again Now she was wearing askimpy black dress another piece of clothing he hadnever seen before either He found himself wonderingwhen she had bought it And why Certainly not for hisbenefit he knewThe dress looked so slutty so totally out of characterfor Sharon that he hardly recognized her It was toosmall too tight and the neck line was so deep thatshe showed deep cleavage along with a lot of her whitefleshy breasts It was so incredibly short John wassure that if she moved shed have the bottoms of herbig flabby ass cheeks right out in the open Could shepossibly be any more blatant he wondered in disgustLeons eyes where bugging out of his head and onceagain Sharon was locked on him like John wasnt eventhere He opened his mouth to say something but shecut him off Drinks boys Ive got cold beer Beforeeither man could reply she turned and walked towardthe kitchenBoth men stood watching gob smacked as Sharon waddledaway her huge ass swaying from side to side in thetight confines of the dress as she struggled to walk inher brand new high heels Johns stomach knotted whenhe saw a quick flash of white flesh which meant shewas wearing stockings As if she knew they werewatching she reached behind her and tugged the tightdress down trying to keep any more skin from showingHoly shit man does she always dress like that Leonasked His voice was raspy sounding just above awhisper Johns mind reeled He felt like he was in ano win situation If he said no Leon would know shewas dressing just for him If he said yes Leon wouldthink his wife always looked like a total slut nomatter who or what the situation Unable to think of aplausible response he just grunted at Leon tellinghim to sit down and be quiet Then he went after hiswifeWhen he entered the kitchen he found Sharon bent overwith her head in the refrigerator Her big ass wassticking out facing him Her small dress had pulled upso high on her butt that he could see she wasntwearing any panties He could feel his anger buildingas he noticed the black stockings with the thicksuspender straps going up to an unseen garter beltWorse still he could clearly the pink meaty lips ofher pussy peeking out where her thighs joined heroversized assWhat the hell are you playing at he asked in anangry whisper He was mightily pissed off at her butdespite it all his cock stayed rigid and swollen inhis jeansShe turned to look at him a bottle of beer in eachhand Her tight little dress was still hitched up justabove the stocking tops high enough that her pussy wasalmost visible from the front too Keep your voicedown John she said calmly I thought youd like tosee me dressed like this She gave him a hurt lookWhats the matter honey she pouted dont youthink I look even a little bit sexy I bet Leon doesJohns head was so fucked up he had trouble thinkingstraight Things were happening way too fast Thiswhole scene was on the edge of being out of control andhe felt helpless to do anything about it What is itwith all this Youyou look like a cheap whore wasall he could think to sayShe smiled back at him as if he hadnt even spoken Shereached out her pudgy hand and stroked he cheeklightly I think Leon likes the dress honey didntyou see his eyes just light up Damn her he thoughtshe could be sexy when she wanted to especially if shehad the right man to play to He wanted to saysomething anything to protest the situation butbefore he could think of anything she handed him acold beer then brushed past him on her way back to thesitting roomAfter waiting a moment to try to clear his head Johnfollowed her Leon was reclining in a large arm chairand Sharon was standing looking down at him They wereboth smiling and laughing as if they were sharing somekind of private jokeHe noticed that Leon was making no effort at all tohide the desire he was feeling for her He smiledknowingly running his eyes slowly up and down her ripebody as he sipped his beer Sharon sat down on one armof the large chair twisting her legs in a way thatcaused her tight dress to ride up considerably showingtwo inches of fat creamy white flesh above herstocking tops She made no move to correct itJohn took a long pull from his beer and flopped downinto the other matching armchair He glared at hertrying to catch her eye but she never noticed She wastoo absorbed looking doe-eyed at Leon and laughing atsomething he was saying As he glanced at his wifeJohn noticed that her heavy pendulous breasts restedalmost in her lap As he looked more carefully hecould see the round bumpy outline of her large nipplesstraining against the thin material of her black dressDamn her he thought she hadnt even worn a braShe leaned back a little and crossed her legs hitchingthe dress up a little higher then uncrossed them amoment later giving Leon a clear view of her creamyinner thighs and the hairy triangle between them Johnknew Leon had seen it too because he stopped talking inmid- sentence and just stared Then just as quickly asshe had opened her legs Sharon closed them acting likenothing had happened She stood up laughed at Leon andwobbled off to the kitchen saying she had dinner toprepareJohn wanted to fall through the bottom of his chair andjust keep going Still he couldnt get his mind offthe little erotic tease that had just taken place infront of him His cock had been hard for so long it wasalmost painfulOnce the two men were alone Leon looked directly atJohn Dude he said in a rather loud whisper incase you hadnt noticed that lady needs cock and Imean she needs it bad John could only stare back athim unsure of how to respond The whole situation hadtaken on a surreal quality as if the two of them weresitting casually in a bar somewhere talking about astrange woman neither of them knewLeon licked his lips as he quickly slid forward on thelarge chair He had a strange look on his face a lookJohn found a little frightening His eyes where glazedand had an aggressive almost animalistic glint tothem At that moment John realized how little he reallyknew of this man who was now a guest in his houseMan I know shes your wife and all but fuck man shejust flashed her cunt at me Leon went on Johnsheart began to race and sweat broke out on hisforehead Leons use of the word cunt and cock inreference to Sharon had sent his mind reeling in way hecouldnt describe His cock felt ready to burst in hisjeansHold on Leon lets just take it easy here hestarted but voice sounded weak and wimpy It carriedno authority and he knew it Worse he knew Leon knewit His eyes still looked strangely glazed over toJohn to the extent he almost wondered if the black manwere on some kind of drugBy this time he was rambling talking about Sharon as ifshe werent even there and largely ignoring his friendOr perhaps he had begun to sense the effect his cruderemarks were having on John Did you see the size ofher fuckin titties man Damn theyre huge too justlike the rest of her Fuckin big and floppy Id loveto get me a lip-lock on those big suckers Damn shelooks fineAt that moment Sharon walked back into the room Shesmiled at the young black man Who looks fine sheasked him coyly There was a long moment of silence anda feeling of tension in the room as Leon ran his eyesup and down her lush body Grinning up at her from hischair he decided to dispense with the politenessJust those big titties of yours baby Thats allThen he laughed and his voice was slow and deepTheyre enoughmore than enoughSharons mouth dropped open and for the first time shebegan to feel uneasy to question everything she haddone She had only meant this as an innocent teasesomething to help turn John on later She had soenjoyed the sex with him lately especially thefeelings of closeness and tenderness that followed Nowas she feared things might be getting out of hand shefelt almost at a loss for words What had she doneFinally she caught her breath and stuttered WellI uh I mean thats well really youyou think soLeon looked over at John staring directly into hiseyes When he spoke his voice had changed Now it washarsh and commanding John buddy why dont you getup and go to the store I think we could use some morebeer It was more an order than a request John wasdumbstruck he couldnt believe what was happeningthat this guy was real but there was no denying thesharp edge in the words he was hearingJohn stood up then took a breath of air and pushed outhis chest In a short span of time his feelings aboutLeon had gone from curiosity to unease to outrightfear He only hoped it didnt show too much The guywas for real and John understood clearly that thismight be his last chance to derail this situation Andthat he had better do it fast I think you shouldleave now Leonplease he said cringing when heheard his own voice His words had a hollow weaksound a sound that betrayed his most basic fearsFears that were growing worse by the minuteThey all remained silent John and Sharon afraid to sayanything Finally Leon looked at John Look man youcan stay if you want just dont fuck with me Imwarning you He said the words calmly but hisinflection carried a hint of menace There should be nodoubt about who was in authority here The two menstared at each other for several moments before Johngot out of his chair and took a step toward LeonSensing a showdown Leon sprang from his chair tookseveral long strides and was quickly in Johns faceI told you man dont mess with me I will fuck you upbad if needs be You understand Now just sit down andshut the fuck up he snarled John felt his stomachtighten He had just lost his last chance showdown withLeon and he knew it If he had any illusions that thisevening was going to end peacefully they had just beenshatteredSharon stepped between them laughing Boys calm downIts OK Lets have another drink she said in a feebleattempt to keep the mood light But her efforts weretoo late Leon was way past calming down With nowarning he grabbed Sharon by her shoulders spun heraround and pulled her to him so that her back was tohis chest Grabbing the straps of her dress he yankedhard pulling the flimsy garment halfway down Her barebreasts wobbled and swayed heavily as she stumbled andfell back against himJohn could only watch helplessly as Leon snaked hishand under Sharons arm and grabbed her left breast inhis hand It was so large in size that its soft flesheasily overflowed even his large hand She struggledand squirmed under his groping but stayed where shewas staring at John Leon squeezed her breast hardernow pinching pulling and turning her large nipple andareola All the while he leered at John who could onlystand and watch frozen in placeJohn told you all about my big black cock didnt hedarlin Leon breathed the words as he continued tofondle her breastYes she replied her voice so low it was barelyaudible John felt his stomach turn over He could hearthe genuine fear in his wifes voice but he feltpowerless to do anything to help her Behind her hesaw Leon fumble with the button and zipper of hisjeans all the while he continued to manhandle SharonsbreastWell I gotta treat for you bitch Youre gonna seeit now up close Get down on your knees slut Leonsaid a hint of anger in his voice In a blur ofmotion he put one hand on each of her bare shouldersand pushed down hard not stopping until Sharon was onher knees John noticed that Leon had somehow managedto get his jeans pulled down to mid thighJohn could only stare in twisted fascination at theblack man Leons cock looked even bigger now that itwas semi-hard and gorged with blood John had neverseen anything like it and he knew Sharon hadnt eitherAs she rotated on her knees turning to face Leon hishuge cock almost slapped her in the face He chuckledand looked down at herNow suck it bitch he said harshly Wanting to dosomething John started to step closer but Leon shothim a nasty glance that stopped him in his tracks Johnfelt sick as he watched his wife reach out and slowlywrap her white pudgy hand around the base of his thickorgan Perhaps it was the contrast in color but Johnthought it looked enormous in her small round handHer eyes seemed to glaze over as she stared at the hugecock just inches from her face She looked up at Leonssmiling face for a moment then back down at themonster dick she hefted in her hand Holy shit Mygod I I cant believe Ive never seen anythinglike this She sputtered causing Leon to laugh Ithad the opposite effect on John; he cringed because heknew it was true Sharon had no frame of reference forthis kind of situation; nothing in her limitedexperience could have prepared her for itJohn looked at Sharons enormous ass cheeks as herstupid dress rode up around her waist and felt ashamedwhen he realized he was more aroused than ever Wetslurping sounds brought his attention back to Sharonsface As he watched in disbelief she moaned loudlymoving her head slowly as she licked and slobbered upand down the length of his long shaft Then moving herhead lower she carefully ran her soft warm tongue allover his stuffed ball sack gently laving at the eggsized testicles bulging inside itLeon reached down with both hands and grabbed Sharonshair pulling her head back and up a bit He lookeddirectly into her face OK baby its show time youready to go Sharon just looked back at him noddingslightly her fat face showing a double chin and asmall pouty mouth She snaked out her tongue pinkpointed and surprisingly long and ran it over herthick lips several times coating them heavily withsalivaLeon let go of her hair and brought the head of hisswollen dick in line with her mouth Open widebitch he ordered feeding the fat almost purple knobof his cock head into her waiting mouth Thats ithe coaxed her gently open that pretty little mouthfor Leon open wide wider thats it now youregettin it Leon groaned as he watched her start towork her mouth down his shaft a little at a timebobbing her head forward and back as she wentEventually she managed to swallow four or five inchesof his impossibly thick cock stretching her poor mouthalmost as wide as it would go as she forced it downHe reached out and took her head in both of his largehands again holding it steady as he slowly began tomove his hips back and forth fucking her mouthTotally unused to so large an object in her mouth andthroat she nonetheless did her best to please himmaking noisy slobbering sounds as she bobbed her headup and down on his meat It was all music to Leonsears and he began to speed up his movements a bit Hegroaned again he did so love subjugating white bitchesthis wayYour slut wife looks damn fine with my cock in hermouth Leon panted his eyes half closed in ecstasyJohn come over here so you can see this shit closeup man Once John stepped close enough Leon quicklyreached out his large left hand clamping it on Johnsshoulder and pushed down hard sending him to his kneesnext to his wife on the carpetGettin a good look there buddy he asked Afterall you were the one who really wanted to see thiswerent you Leons whole demeanor seemed to begetting nastier John looked up at the black man andnodded his head his face suddenly flushing red withshame and embarrassment There was no denying hisarousal and he knew it; his cock was still thicklyswollen in his jeans He was loath to admit to it buthe knew Leon was right What the hell was the matterwith him How could his bizarre desires have been soobvious so quickly to this man A man who was acomplete stranger to him less than a month agoLeons voice interrupted his thoughts John why dontyou say how much you wanted this he asked Afterall this is your fantasy comin true I think itsonly fair he added John started to speak but hismouth was dry and no words came All he could do waslook up at Leon bewildered Dont look at me my manyou need to explain all this twisted shit to your wifehere You better think of somethinHe looked at Sharon and was so disgusted with himselfthat once again he couldnt speak Never in his lifehad he felt so humiliated and ashamed He tried toorganize his thoughts into something coherent but allhe could do was kneel there with his mouth hangingopen How could he begin to explain this to her Hedidnt even understand it himselfWhat are youall doin down there catching flies Areyou fuckin mute or what Leon said impatiently Bea manat least talk to your lady I mean she doesdeserve to know why shes here on her knees sucking astrangers big black dick Listen white boy until youfeel like talking Im just gonna fuck your wifes facea little deeper maybe thatll help you get it allfigured out With that he reached out his large lefthand and slowly began exerting pressure pullingSharons head closer to his groinShe began to react immediately to the increasedfullness in her mouth making awful gagging retchingnoises in her throat as the swollen head of Leonspenis worked its way further into her He pulled out abit then pushed forward impaling her again By thistime she had been forced to take so much of Leonsthick shaft that she was almost gagging So tightlywere her lips sealed that they formed a perfect littleO around his thick cock shaftThe skin around the corners of her mouth was pulled totaut that she feared it might crack and begin to bleedHer nostrils flared wide trying desperately to bringin whatever air they could Tears streamed from hereyes now trickling down her fat cheeks in crookedrivuletsSeeing this happen to his wife John was near panicI-I-Im just so so sorry about this Sharon hestammered trying to begin an explanation Still hecouldnt make any speech come He felt like an idiotIf I he tried to start againSorry my ass Leon interrupted sharply Wellyoure sorry all right but you sure as hell aintsympathetic just plain damn sorry With that hepushed a bit more of his cock into Sharons alreadyoverstuffed mouth Animal-like noises issue from deepinside her and she came close to retching again Beadsof sweat formed on her brow and ran into her eyes thesalt burning them Sensing real danger now shefrantically pressed her pudgy little hands againstLeons muscular thighs and pushed trying to back awayFeeling that John might need a little extra incentiveLeon reached down with his right hand and took thenipple of Sharons breast between his thumb andforefinger He raised his hand slowly lifting herponderous breast away from her chest He continued toincrease the force gradually pulling up and out untilher entire melon sized breast was dangling by its ownweight in mid air held in place only by the painfullytight grip of Leons fingers on its sensitive nippleSharon became frantic with the pain; her face turned redas more tears flowed from her eyes She balled herhands into small fists and began swinging them incircles desperate to fend off the terrible pain andthe feeling that was going to suffocateFinally seeing his poor wife abused this way becametoo much for John Leon h-hes right honey I didwant this Ive been have fantasies about this for along time now John began Once he got startedeverything began to spill out of him Ive been havingfantasies awful fantasies perverted fantasies for along time now I-I wanted to watch you with anotherguy Especially a black guy who was really hungI wanted to see you like this on your knees with yourmouth stuffed full of cockand fucking and suckingthe guy watching him do things to you to see youdebased and degraded And maybe to feel myselfhumiliated I dont know I was so ashamed I justcouldnt tell you about it at least the bad stuff Iknew it would hurt you too much and I-I didnt wantthat And what would you think of me Your husbandJohn the pervertHe paused for a moment to collect himself But I justcouldnt get these thoughts and feelings out of mymind they were there every time I thought about youand they seemed to be getting stronger more real Icouldnt seem to help myself I was getting off onthem he went on I hoped that all of this couldremain a fantasy a dirty little secret in my mind thatit would never go beyond that That I could somehowkeep you from knowing how how sick I was Hisemotions were so strong that tears ran down his faceThen when Leon came to work for me and we saw thatwoman and he mentioned to me how much he like bigwomen everything suddenly changed It was like he wasable to read my thoughts like he knew what I wasfeeling Suddenly the possibilities of this became realto me all too real I began to fear something likethis might happen And fear that they might not happenI felt torn and conflicted I wanted it and I wasafraid of it Thats when things started to get out ofhand I guess I just lost control I didnt mean forany of this happen Sharon I didnt want to hurt youJohn exhaled deeply and dropped his head unable tolook at his wifeWell thank you my man Leon said sounding pleasedConfession be good for the soul it seems Now that weall know and understand why were here we can get thisshow on the road With that he let go of her breastIt fell back hard against her chest with the slappingsound of flesh hitting flesh Sharon let out a strangledcry from deep in her throat as feeling rushed back intoher abused nipple Then he released his hand frombehind her head letting Sharon move backward far enoughto unseat the huge cock that had almost choked herSharon inhaled large gulps of air trying to get herbreath back She looked at John the corners of hermouth turning up in a small grin When John at lastdared to look back at her he noticed a strange twinklein her eyes; the grin playing on her lips broke into asmile showing her perfect white teethShe spent several minutes pleasuring Leon orally heragile tongue darting this way and that her mouthengulfing the end of his shaft and noisily slobberingon it as she moved the head around inside her mouthShe was careful to hold his cock by the base so hecouldnt force what looked like the entire 11 inchesinto her throat again – or even try Anxious to get onwith things Leon pulled out and stepped back his cockstill fully erect standing proud and huge pointedstraight at her faceTake that slut dress off bitch and spread your legsLeon said as he stepped back and removed his jeanscompletely John who was still kneeling in the middleof the room seemed to come to his senses when he heardLeon ordering his wife aroundSharon please he said in a small weak voice Y-youdont need to do this But his words went unheeded;she was already peeling the tight dress up over herheadLeon whistled softly when he saw the rest of her Ohyeah Oooooh fuck yeah baaaby He reached down withhis big hands and gently fondled and stroked her bigbreasts Her nipples and the large pebbly halos aroundthem were swollen rock hard by his now gentle touchShe smiled shyly at him pleased that she had been ableto arouse him so She continued to kneel subservientlybefore the black man her soft rounded belly curvingdownward obscuring her hairy pussy mound and halfhiding the black suspender belt she wore under theheavy rolls of fatLeon removed his hands from her quickly finishedundressing and stepped back towards the couch Getyour fat ass onto the sofa bitch and let me see thatpussy he told her With a soft grunt she slowly gotto her feet and waddled over to the sofa her heavyrolls of fat and big breasts jiggling and swaying asshe went She sat down and turned sideways lying onher back with her head on one arm of the couch Shespread her flabby white thighs open as far as shecould exposing her hair covered cunt under its fattymoundLeon turned to John pointing his long index finger atthe man Get over here now and lick her pussy lickit good Get it all lubed up so I dont hurt her when Iram this big piece of meat into her he said runninghis hand up and down the length of his erect cockJohn looked shocked and confused but he stood up andwalked over to his wife Looking down at her plushwhite body – so big it was overflowing the edge of thecouch – he felt his heart racing and his hard-onpounding under his jeans Once John was seated on theedge of the sofa Sharon flashed him a wicked grin thenraised her legs up and used her hands to pull her meatylips apartShe was dripping wet and he could see her thick pinklips were puffy and engorged peeled apart in arousalas he lowered his head between her big thighs Heinhaled her musky fragrance and began to run his tongueslowly up and down her slit taking extra time to flickhis tongue quickly back and forth over the nub of herhypersensitive clitorisShe moaned out loud the moment his tongue touched herpussy and never let up as Johns tongue continued towork its magic in the sloppy pink folds of her sexAfter several minutes her moans and groans werereplaced by now familiar gagging choking sounds Johnglanced up to see that Leon had lowered himself into asquat and was again forcing his cock deep into Sharonsmouth Because of the position of her head on the armof the couch John could actually see her throat movingas she once again tried to take in as much of his cockas she couldEat that pussy boy lick her cunt and ass eat hergood he heard Leon say as Sharon let out a strangledmoan He picked up his pace licking his wifes sloppywet pussy pushing his tongue in and out of her vaginathen moving his head gradually lower until he waslicking the soft sweaty skin between her hugeasscheeks Finally he went lower still running histongue over and around the pungent brown pucker of heranus something he had always wanted to do but neverdared try beforeHe was aware of a wet plopping sound as Leon withdrewhis cock from her mouth Then Sharon totally surprisedhim She exhaled loudly then reached her arms over herblubbery belly and between her big legs Her reach wasjust long enough that she was able to wrap her smallfingers around Johns hair Holding his head tightlyshe pulled him forward into her pussy then began toslide his face up and down the length of her wet slimycrackShe groaned loudly spreading her legs even wider asshe pushing her hips up a bit as she continued to grindher husbands face against her overheated slit Shestarted to pant more heavily as her arousal grew moreintense Johns face was covered from forehead to chinwith a shiny coating of her juice as she pulled himstill harder into her overheated crotch using his faceto masturbate herselfHe sensed that she was getting close to orgasm when hefelt Leons hand on his shoulder urging him back Whenhe sat up and turned around he wanted to jump off thecouch and run To his horror his face was only inchesfrom Leons hard swaying cock For the second timeJohn felt a hand grabbing him by the hair only thistime it was Leon pulling his face in so close to theother mans groin that John could smell the muskysweaty odor and feel the warmth of a long cock pressingagainst his cheek He jerked Johns head back so he waslooking upLeon bent forward un till his face was only inches fromJohns Now you can suck my cock and get it good andwet for your wife pussy boy he snarled He was soclose now that John could smell cigarettes and alcoholon his breath I know you want to suck it wellheres your chance And dont even think about tellinme otherwise or Ill bust your sorry ass and still fuckyour slut wife Youre goin down faggot white boyNOWNear panic poor John ignored Leons words and tried topull away but Leon held his hair tightly A momentlater he felt the big knob of the mans steel hard cockhead bumping against his tightly closed lipsWithout a word Leon reached down and calmly pinchedJohns nostrils shut with his thumb and forefingerDesperate to avoid what he knew was coming John heldhis breath for so long he began to feel dizzy buteventually he opened his mouth wide gasping for airAs soon as his mouth opened far enough he felt thewarmth and spongy softness of Leons big cock headfilling up his mouthFor the first time in his life John had another manspenis in his mouth And not just any penis either buta huge black one Leon pushed it part way into Johnsmouth holding his head tightly with both hands nowhurting him John struggled for a few seconds againstthis ultimate degradation shaking his head and makingthe same awful sounds his wife had but afterrealizing there was no escape he capitulated andslowly began sucking the big cock that filled his mouthto overflowingMmmmmm oh yeah bitch thats the way to do it Leongroaned Keeping his tight grip on Johns hair hebegan to move his hips slowly moving his big shaft inand out fucking Johns mouth Fuck yeah Not bad fora candy ass pussy white boy he grunted Yeahthats it looks like I got me two bitches now Damnman you suck cock almost as good as you old lady helaughed derisively You sure you aint never done thisbeforeBy that time John had his eyes closed trying his bestto block out everything and everyone trying to pretendthat none of this was happening that he wasnt on hisknees before a black man sucking his oversized dickYet as he continued using his mouth to pleasure theman John began to feel an odd change within him; maybesucking another mans cock wasnt as bad as he wouldhave thoughtOr at least the physical side of it The mental sidethe feelings of humiliation and shame that came withthe act were weighing heavily on him and he knew thatwhen this was finally over they would be much moredifficult to deal with He tried to clear his headtried his best to put that part of it completely out ofhis mind as he stretched his mouth open even furtherbobbing his head up and down the thick shaft stoppingfrequently to pull back and run his tongue all aroundthe large sensitive head Remembering what hadhappened to Sharon he quickly brought his hand up andwrapped it around the base of Leons cock to preventbeing chocked in case Leon got carried awayThough it seemed like forever to him John endured hiscocksucking debut for only a few minutes before Leonpulled free He grabbed John by the hair again jerkinghis head back so he was looking straight up Leonbrought his face close to Johns once again OKmotherfucker now tell me to fuck your slutty whitetrash bitch of a wifeOn the couch Sharon was in wild eyed rapture fromwatching her sweet husband actually sucking on a cockOoooh fuck me now Leon fuck me like a whore sheblurted out suddenly She had already reached an armover her fat belly and her right hand was busy betweenher legs Both men turned to look at her but she wasoblivious her eyes closed and her fingers makingsquishy liquid sounds as she worked them back andforth through the wet swollen folds of her cunt Herwhole body tingled; she was so over stimulated that shefelt almost ready to explodeLeon turned back to look at John Say it assholenow he insistedPoor John could only look down at the floor F-f-fuckmy wife he mumbled His voice sounded meek and hefelt awful knowing as soon as he said it that Leonwould not be satisfied He was rightJohn never saw it coming He just felt an explosion ofpain an incredible sting on his cheek that snapped hishead as Leon slapped him hard across the face I canthear you he sing-songed at John Mean it when yousay it dick head It was all John could do to keepfrom crying the pain and anxiety he felt were pushinghim to the breaking point And his wifes reactioncertainly hadnt helped any But once again he felttotally helpless knowing there was no way out exceptto co-operateJohn felt like a new recruit responding to a drillsergeant trying to please him He closed his eyes andtook a deep breath Fuck my slut wife please fuck herbrains out he practically shouted The fuckinglittle cunt deserves it She wants it She wants yourblack cock Every inch of it The words had no soonerleft his lips than he hung his head feeling like atotal heel How could he say such things about hiswife What had she done to deserve this Maybe worst ofall: was she enjoying what was happening to himLeon shoved him aside roughly and knelt on the couchbetween Sharons parted thighs He pushed them evenfurther apart grabbing his cock and bringing it linewith her opening Then without any warning he leanedforward and rammed the entire length of his long shaftinto her wet pussy in one hard trustAs John watched her eyes flew wide open and thenrolled back in her head She let out a loud gutturalanimal-like groan the likes of which John had neverheard beforeUUNNGGGHHH Ooohhh my gawd Sharon grunted as hervagina was suddenly stretched wide filled to capacityand beyond She struggled for a moment trying to gether breath as Leon pulled back almost all the way thenrammed forward until he was buried deep inside her onceagain She panted and moaned as he pounded her withmore hard trusts her back arching sharply off thecouch sending the heavy rolls of fat on her huge bodybouncing and rippling every which wayOoooh yes Ooooh my god yes YESSS she screamed notcaring how she sounded as she clawed at the sofa withher fingernails Fuck me Give me your big cock Allof it damn you Ooooooh fuck yeah I love it give itto me NOW Leon plowed deep into her again and shecame hard much harder than John had ever seen herfat flabby body shaking and straining as a violentorgasm ripped through herLooking down at her John was more depressed thanaroused In all their years of making love Sharon hadnever been able to come from simple penetration; shewould always have to rub her clit while he fucked herEven then it usually took her quite a while But nowin less than a minute she had had a massive orgasm bypenetration aloneAnd to his dismay she was still screaming and trashingher head about the sloppy wet sounds coming from herpussy telling John that she was still more aroused thanever Her massive breasts were wobbling and jouncingabout almost painfully but she was too busy holdingonto the sofa and bucking her wide hips to even noticeAs he continued to pound his cock into her Leonreached down and began mauling both her soft whitebelly and her oversized breastsDamn I love bitches with big fuckin titties andbig sloppy fat bellies Oooh yeah baby hegrunted sinking his fingers into the soft flesh of herbelly and breast at once I just love fuckin lovebig fat white bitches He grabbed a nipple with thefingers of each hand and pulled her huge breasts awayfrom her chest twirling them in small circles Sharonwas so aroused that she only groaned more loudlyfeeling far more pleasure than pain this timeJohn knelt quietly near the couch still in shock fromhaving just sucked a mans cock and watched as hiswife behaved like a wild rutting animal a woman hedidnt even recognize What had become of his sweetloving wife he wondered sadlyLeon noticed him kneeling there and grinned at himReaching out he grabbed John by the hair again andpulled him forward until he was so close he could seehis wifes sopping pink pussy It was stretched tightLeons enormous black cock was buried to the hilt init When Leon slowly pulled it out again John couldonly stare amazed at Sharons pussy It looked like agapping pink cavernIt had always been big he knew but now having takenthe entire length of Leons massive dick her vaginawas grossed distended stretched out far beyondanything he couldve imagined So far in fact that hecould actually see a large circle of darkness at itscenter where her opening disappeared into her bodyTurning his head slightly John got another shock: hiswife had produced such a flood of lubrication thatthere was a ring of thick whitish froth all around thethick base of Leons cockThen as if to further torture the man Leon slowlybegan to push his thick penis back in To Johnsfurther humiliation Sharon began to pant and groanagain asking pleading then finally begging Leon toslide his entire cock all the way up inside her As hedid so Sharons moans were loud and unashamed; sheappeared to be in another world her eyes closed andher hips grinding and bumping against Leons pelvisShe had come once already but Leon looked like he wasjust hitting his stride; the constant thrusting of hisslim hips soon had Sharon on the edge of another orgasmYour old ladys tight little pussy was just made forfucking black cock no question about it and thebigger the better I think this bitch has discoveredher inner slut Aint that right John Leon laughedcruelly giving her several sharp in and out jabs withhis cock to highlight his point Looks that way tomeSharon arched her back sharply again Yes oh god yesDont stop fucking me please dont oh god pleasedont ever stop fucking me she panted her voicecoming in ragged gasps as she tried to catch her breathbefore Leon began pumping her still harderJohn felt crushed and ashamed His wife was acting likea total slut yet despite everything that hadhappened his cock was still so stiff it was tentinghis jeans badly Noticing this Leon couldnt resistrubbing Johns face in it one more time He began topump Sharons pussy even faster taking long deepstrokes John could only watch in revulsion as his wifebegan making almost inhuman sounds shrieking andscreaming in ecstasy It took only a few moments ofpounding before her body shook and convulsed a secondtime this orgasm seemingly stronger than the firstCum inside me Leon Now Please NOW Fill me Cumdeep in me I wanna feel you cum Sharon pleaded hervoice almost childlike Thoroughly pissed off Leonresponded by humping her again more violently thistime giving her the full length of his swollen cockwith flesh slapping forceListen you stupid slut I call the shots here Leonwas panting heavily now his muscular upper body bathedin a sheen of sweat as he rammed his cock hard into herpussy Ill come where and when I want youunderstand Just shut your damn whore mouth spreadyour legs and take my black cock show me what a goodlittle bitch slut you can be She didnt reply Shecouldnt have replied had she wanted to; her shakingbody was being wracked by a third straight orgasm Leonseemed hardly to noticeTake your clothes off John time to get naked Leonordered as he leaned over Sharons still shudderingbody He didnt even bothering looking at the otherman Thoroughly cowed by now John didnt even think ofprotesting as he quickly started to remove hisclothingJohn moved towards the edge of the couch now standingnaked next to his wife and her black lover As Sharonslowly came down from the haze of her third climaxLeon pulled out of her and leaned back He wasmomentarily out of breath his chest still heaving fromthe exertion His huge cock was still rigid howevercoated with a heavy layer of Sharons pungent pussyslimeHe looked at them briefly before turning his head away;he couldnt stomach the sight and he knew whatever wascoming would not be good Despite everything he hadbeen through his small cock was still fully erectpointing straight ahead beyond his controlLeon moped the sweat from his brow and began to laughMan you cant be serious he said looking at Johnsgroin How did you ever fuck her with that worthlesslittle pencil dick Sheeeeeit this bitch could taketwo like that easyprobably have room tosparealthough I dont know her pussy was prettytight But hell he smirked she wouldnt have anyproblem takin yoursNow then I want John to lay on his back on thefloor Leon said pointing at the floor He nodded atSharon And you my oversexed cant get enough blackcock slut I want you to get on top of your hubby sitright on his face and let him clean out your pussy Hestood back smirking as they both scrambled to complywith his orders Once John was on the floor Sharon gotinto a 69 position over him covering his headcompletely as she lowered her huge buttocks and soakingwet pussy onto his upturned faceYou can suck on him if you want but dont let himcome Leon directed John groaned with pent up reliefas he felt the warmth of his wives mouth wrap aroundhis aching cock Sharons thighs were clenched tightaround his head almost cutting off his hearing For amoment he felt like was suffocating and he had toconcentrate to breath as his entire face was envelopedin her sloppy wet pussy flesh But once she gotcomfortable he had enough space though barely tobegin working his tongue around inside of herMoments later he saw Leon towering above him grinningbefore dropping to his knees behind Sharons fat assEven as he worked his tongue in and out of his wifeswet hole he suddenly became aware of a strange newsensation: Leons heavy ball sack was bumping againsthis forehead Sharon changed her position slightly nowmoving her crotch off his face and up a bitShe was still so wet and open that it took only twostrokes until Leons cock was buried in her again andshe had to stop sucking Johns cock so she could beginmoaning and panting againHe watched from inches away fascinated as his wifestight pussy was plowed wide open by Leons thick cockJohn felt a new surge of arousal; he was entranced ashe watched his wifes vagina stretched open so tightlyfrom that close her fat lips being first forcedinwards then pulled back out again He was also amazedat how quickly Leon cock became coated with a heavylayer of Sharons pussy slimeLick my balls Now asshole Leon ordered him It wasa simple matter of adjusting his position tilting hishead back a bit until Leons balls were at his mouthAs he felt the soft skin of Leons heavy scotumdragging across his mouthJohn licked instinctively; he was well past caringabout how or why by now the smell of Leons cock andSharons pussy in his nostrils had become his onlyreality Every few strokes Leon would pull out and lethis big cock flop down onto Johns waiting mouthWithout question or protest he would lick and slobberaround the underside of it cleaning off as much of hiswifes pungent secretions as he could before Leonthrust it back into herAfter another few minutes of hard fucking Leon pulledout of Sharons pussy It gapped open so far that herslippery juices quickly seeped out in long stringswhich dribbled down into Johns open mouth Sharonhadnt been able to suck his cock very well as she wasbeing pounded so hard but such was his horniness thatshe still managed to bring him to the brink to orgasmLeons next words filled John with dread Tell meJohn does your little slut wifey take dick up herass John shuddered closed his eyes and slowly shookhis head no He had never really considered anal sexbefore; he always assumed that Sharon would be offendedand so he had never bothered to ask her The way thingswere going tonight though who could tell It wouldntmatter anyway; he had long ago lost control of anythingthat might happen and he knew it though he kept thatthought to himselfGetting no response Leon tried again Well whatabout it bitch you want to feel this big old cockjammed up your ass he asked almost casually If youthought it felt tight in your pussy He didntfinish his thought didnt have toSharon stopped jerking Johns cock and turned her headback over her shoulder Fear began to grip her and shehesitated a moment unsure of her response N-nnooothank you she said knowing immediately howridiculous it sounded I-I-Ive never done that beforeand dont think I could do it She began to whinethen her voice higher Please Leon dont shebegged Please please dont make meI-I cant dothatLeon laughed out loud and slapped her right ass cheekwith his open hand hard enough to leave a redhandprint against the white flesh He readjusted hisposition taking the bloated knob of his rigid cock andbumping it lightly against her puckered asshole Sharonquickly wriggled forward wanting desperately to getaway but he slipped his long arm under her large hipsand yanked her back He slapped her left buttock nowthis time harderTheres a first time for everything bitch he saidhoarsely Now stay still slut I am gonna fuck me sometight ass whether you want it or not John watchedfrom below not daring to move He wondered what hewould do if Leon forced his wife to take it in her assA moment later the black man helped him make up hismindYou decide John whats in gonna be Either I fuckyour sorry ass or I fuck your wifes Leon saidSomebodys going to get it dont make no differenceto me What do you want to do Its up to you JohnThere was total silence in the room as Leon continuedto probe around Sharons brown anal ring with the headof his cockNo please Please dont Y-youll hurt me SharonpleadedUnfortunately for poor Sharon there was no possible wayJohn was going to let Leon fuck his ass He knew he hadto save himself from this final wretched degradationeven if it meant sacrificing his wife in the processFuck her in the ass Leon he blurted out shell takeit alrightIn a near panic now Sharon tried once again to wiggleaway but Leon laughing now quickly reached out anddragged her back to him again Hold still now bitchor this really will hurt As John watched from belowLeon coated his cock head with spittle and began topush it harder against her tight ass For a momentnothing happened; then her tight anal pucker began togive way as the swollen purple knob was graduallyforced into it Sharon screamed and bucked andstruggled but Leon held her tight his thick cock nowburied an inch or so up her assHe leaned forward then ever so slowly inched hismonster black cock up her lily white ass Ooooh GodOooooh please NOOO she cried but Leon wasrelentless now forcing his cock up her tight backpassage until almost half of it was buried inside herHe stop paused a few moments letting both of themcatch their breaths But it was a short reprieveKeeping an iron grip on her hefty hips he began tomove foreword once again grunting and straining withthe effortYeah oh yeah Damn that feels good Oooooh fuckyeah he moaned Sharons virgin ass felt like a hotvice around his sensitive cock Fuck yeah baby youfeel that big cock in your hot little ass I know youfeel every fucking inch dont you you filthy slutwhore Sharon could feel it indeed She was in suchpain that she dug her nails deeply into Johns legsbut he was so fascinated by the sight of Leons thickblack pole disappearing into her tiny anal opening thathe took no noticeSo great was the pressure in her ass that her pussygapped open even more and without thinking John pushedhis tongue inside it strained to get as much of herdelicious pussy fluid as he could manage Then hequickly moved his tongue up and began to lap at herclit hoping the pleasure he produced for her wouldoffset some of the terrible pain she was feelingHe could feel Leons heavy egg-sized testicles bumpingagainst his forehead and face as he continued to lickhis wifes slit Above him Sharon was panting like adog and whimpering crazily against the pain but Leonignored her and kept thrusting plunging deeper anddeeper until finally he hit bottomShe let out a loud scream when Leon suddenly pulled hiscock halfway out then slowly forced it back in againIt slide in just a bit easier the second time and soonLeon had impaled her again Sharon dropped her head ontoJohns legs and started pounding the floor with herfists Although she continued to mumble and moan Johncouldnt make out what she was saying he just keptwatching what was happing above him As Leon pulledback a third time John noticed that Leons cock wasglistening; it had become covered with a heavy mixtureof ass and pussy slimeAfter four or five back and forth thrusts Leon startedfucking her ass in earnest Pulling his cock out andsliding it in was becoming much easier now You likethat cuntyou like having your ass fucked hepanted Look at that black cock in your wifesbutthole John she fucking loves itTo his amazement John could see she was now actuallypushing back to meet Leons trusts throwing her headback and panting so hard she could hardly catch herbreath Ooooooooh my gggodddd Ooooooohuunngghhh oh shit its big John so damn big inme keep licking me honey yeah just likethat oh yes right there its so goodLeon burst out laughing and started slamming herharder slapping her so hard that he left more redhandprints all over her enormous white ass cheeksFucked in the ass by a big black cock You wife is afucking degenerate slut you know that John hetaunted A white trash pig of a whore a worthlesspiece of fuckmeatHe too was starting to pant from the exertion Youbetter keep a damn close eye on this bitch aftertonight John you never know what the hell she mighttry to do after this Your big fat cunt of a wifemight start runnin around on your sorry ass maybelooking for other black guys she might even bringem home and fuck em right here under your nose youcan sit in the chair and jerk off as you watch itsince you sure aint man enough to do anything to stopitBetween Leons savage thrusting and Johns gentle clitlicking Sharon felt another orgasm rapidly approachingShe ramming her massive hips back hard at Leon andmashed her dripping wet pussy on Johns face rubbingit back and forth in a frenzy Ooooh fuck my assLeon slap it hard babyfuck itharderplease she said hoarsely twisting herhead from side to side She lifted the top of her bodyup from the floor so John could feel her huge titsswaying and banging against his legs and cockOooohhh ooohh ooohh my god oh my god yes Your cockfeels so big So good inside my little ass My tightlittle ass As the leading edge of another intenseorgasm began to wash over her she suddenly began tobabble losing her last shred of control and dignityCan you see it John Can you see it in me see itgoing in and out baby Im a good fuck arent I JohnArent I Johnny Your wife your baby is a good littlefuck An oversexed whoring slut a bad little girljust like Leon says She continued to rant almostincoherently as the full force of her orgasmoverwhelmed herIndeed John could see it all and taste and smell andhear it too as Leons cock was only inches from hismouth a blur of motion as it was pile driven deeplyinto his wifes willing ass When Sharon finallyfinished her long drawn-out climax Leon pulled hisbig cock out and John could see his wifes abused anusgaping open so wide he could see the pink insides muchthe same way he had seen her pussy earlierLooking up from his position on the floor Johngrimaced because he feared what might be coming nextWorst yet he knew there that there would be noescaping it Unfortunately for John he didnt have towait long to find outOnce again Leon reached down and pinched Johnsnostrils shut Realizing that protest was completelyfutile he opened his mouth even before he needed tofar enough so that Leon could quickly force in aboutfour or five inches of his filthy foul tasting meatJohn used every bit of his will power and self controlto keep from vomiting as he worked his tongue aroundthe swollen cock head the part that had been drivendeepest into his wifes bowelsLeon leaned forward resting his sweaty chest againstSharons back for a moment while John kept sucking theblack mans vile tasting dick Hey baby your candy-ass fag husband is sucking your shit off my cock youwanna see He said it softly but still loud enoughfor John to hearTo Johns utter horror and humiliation Sharon happilysaid yes She began to giggle as she climbed off herhusband and turned around to look at him She movedeven closer then watching in rapt attention as Leonforce several more inches of his thick cock down Johnsalready filled throat; so much more in fact that hebegan to choke and gagCandy-ass white faggot wimp Leon snarled He lookedat Sharon as John gagged again You better give thisasshole some lessons in cocksucking bitch hes aboutworthless the way he is now Fuck it Im gonna come inhis fucking mouth thats about all its good for Hiscock made a wet popping sound as he pulled it fromJohns mouth He grabbed John by the hair yanking andpulling until he was kneeling on the floor directly infront of himSeeing what was going to happen and not wanting to beleft out Sharon straightened up and walked on her kneesuntil she was next to her husband She pressed hercheek closely against his then slipped an arm aroundhis waist pulling him as close to her as possibleLeon liked the idea and he switched back and forthholding his turgid cock by its base and stuffing thebulbous cock head first into Johns mouth then intoSharons As the saliva mixed with the other secretionson his cock it formed a slippery rank smelling goothat Leon took delight in rubbing all over both oftheir facesOK kiddies keep those mouths open wide he finallyrasped Then he took a step back and stroked his hugecock harder Spreading his legs a bit he brought thebloated head of his cock close to Johns face Thepowerful muscles in his thighs and abdomen began totense up and he stroked his cock more slowly almoststopping until finally he could stand it no more andbegan to come his cock erupting like a fire hose Thetorrents were so thick and came out with suchincredible force that for a moment it looked like hewas pissing semen instead of ejaculating itThe first blast caught John square in the face half ofit going into his mouth the other half splatteringover his nose eyes and forehead He quickly grabbedSharon by the hair bending her head forward as he letgo with another heavy shot getting some in her mouthas well before landing the rest all over her pudgyface He continued this way alternating from one faceto the other until his massive balls were at lastdrainedSharon and John had both borne the brunt of Leons longdelayed ejaculation By the time he finished each oftheir faces was covered with a coating of warm creamysemen Leon looked down at them with a satisfied smileHis aim had been good; he had sprayed his seedeverywhere: into their mouths up their noses ontotheir hair and into their eyes causing then to burnbadly from the saltAlright John you may kiss the bride he jokedunable to keep from laughing as he surveyed hishandiwork And I dont mean a fuckin peck on thecheek either John felt so degraded and disgustedthat he made no move just knelt there as severalsticky strings of semen dripped from his chin andlanded on his thighsSensing Leons impatience and what it might lead toSharon turned to her husband took his face in her handsand laid a sloppy French kiss on his goo coated lipsShe sighed as she continued her kiss making loudslobbering sounds as she ran her long pointed tonguearound his lips and into his mouth Though he was nearto gagging from the taste and smell of Leonsejaculate John managed to kiss her back passing astringy glob of the sticky liquid into her waitingmouth
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